Are all bag seeds Indica/outdoor plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Sjapp, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Sjapp

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    I have like 20 or so seeds ive collected from my sacks. are they all outdoor plant seeds or will some of them grow indoor
  2. scagster

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    Indica/outdoor wouldn't really be an appropriate way to categorize would it? Indica seeds come from indica plants. If your buds were more sativa-like, then you've got a higher chance that it was an outdoor grow. Sativa buds seem a little more stemmy to me in my experience. Not saying only sativas are grown outdoors, but their indoor growing potential is much worse than indicas. They take up a lot of space and have a long flowering time. For example, I tried flowering one certain sativa strain indoors and 2 months into flowering, I still had barely any trichomes, so i decided it wasn't worth the effort to continue growing that certain strain, since I have no outdoor growing capabilities. I don't know if I answered your question. Plant your seeds, see how they grow! Soon enough you'll see if they are better suited for indoor or outdoor grows.
  3. Mr. Clandestine

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    This is kinda like the "Will 'dro seeds grow in soil" question. It'll grow anywhere that it has access to light, water, and a suitable growing medium. Some strains are simply better suited for indoor/outdoor growth, but will grow under either setting long as the prerequisites are met.

    If you're wanting to try your hand at growing, spend a lot of time reading through the numerous posts in the Grow forums, and get very well acquainted with the FAQs. Educate yourself first, then decide if this is a hobby for you. It takes time, money, know-how, (not to mention the patience of a saint) to successfully harvest a potent indoor crop.
  4. Sjapp

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    i thought outdoor plants flowered by age and indoor plants flowered by light cycles. Does that just mean that regardless of the strain if you grow it outdoor it flowers by age and indoor by light cycles?
  5. Mr. Clandestine

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    Most varieties of cannabis flower based upon photoperiod (light/dark periods), and will still generally change outdoors when the days get shorter and nights become longer. But some strains of Ruderalis (like Lowrider) will apparently flower as soon as they're mature enough to do so. Unless it is an auto-flowering strain, light (and the lack thereof) is what determines when the plant will flower.
  6. prairieplantsystems

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    If you buy weed from an unknown source (i.e. a dealer who doesn't grow) it is probably an indica dominant strain, since these strains have the best appeal for dealers (fast flower times, easy maintenance and high yield). So yes your bagseed is probably indica dominant but not necessarily.
  7. gainesvillegreen

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    I'm gonna flip-flop your logic. If you get bagseed, it's probably sativa. If someone grows indica, indoors, and maintains it, they usually don't let it seed. Seeds in purchased pot usually means it was grown outside in a field and that the males were not culled from the populous... so sativa.

    Indica is more associated with inside growing, and sativas with outside.
  8. HighTillIDie

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    ok to clear things up... out of all the bagseed i have seen grown (in three different areas of the USA!) they are mainly hybrids! i rarely see a bagseed that shows definitive genetics. (this should be obvious, as outdoors is more succeptable to cross pollination, for up to 5 miles) ALSO, stress causes seeds, no males, means lack, only, of complete seed infestation, not any or all.

    what is an outdoor plant? i know what yall assume... a quick flowering, tall/giant heigth plant, maybe an auto flower... Maybe one that is really hardy, pest resistant, disease immune, mold strong, ect? It all depends where you live, what your climate is, what your skills are, and what resources you have... all weed is good indoors, you can better control EVERYTHING, recreate any enviroment. Outdoors could be in a pot, or in the ground... in your garden, or the next state's forest. The variables are endless...

    It is all relative my friend.

    ADD: but most bagseed is outdoor grown, commercial, mid-grade (medium-low care), and isn't used to high levels of nutrients. keep this in mind
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