Are Electric Pipes Worth Buyin?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by bluntman3000, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. bluntman3000

    bluntman3000 Registered+

    yo i need to know....if electric pipes are worth buyin...for those who have one or have toked out of one
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  2. Fattie

    Fattie Registered+

    Can you give a link that shows some of em, i think i heard of em, but dont know how they work or w/e.
  3. Killa.Kali

    Killa.Kali Registered+

    Are you referring to a vaporizer or an 'automatic' bong type deal?
  4. PotSm0key

    PotSm0key Registered+


    Electric Pipe? :confused:
  5. geoffrowley19

    geoffrowley19 Registered+

    damn it i wanna link!
  6. 3 Sheets To The Wind

    3 Sheets To The Wind Registered+

    A pipe that forces the smoke into your lungs, so you don't have to inhale, just light it and put the mouthpiece to your lips.. that's what i have seen an electric pipe as (no idea how it works or anything lol, but it's for VERY lazy people
  7. 3 Sheets To The Wind

    3 Sheets To The Wind Registered+ explains it as this:



    Battery powered pipe - for when you just can't be bothered to suck!
  8. 3 Sheets To The Wind

    3 Sheets To The Wind Registered+

    There's the link:

    My pipe is like the US single, but longer lol (same size bowl as the single, not as long as the double, and the mouth piece is the same as on the US single
  9. acousticman

    acousticman Registered

    Electric Pipe?

    I manufacture a vaporizer that has a smoking gun attachment that turns it into an on demand smoke gun. It is a nice vaporizer. It can be viewed at The smoking gun was stumbled on during design.

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