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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by dandanbo, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. dandanbo

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    I have 2 plants the top buds look to me at the peak rest of the plant look less ready
    I have few questions.

    Is the buds in the picture are ready to harvest?

    Can I take off only the buds that are ready and leave the other on the plants or do I need to take the plant off?

    This is an outdoor plant and I have at least 3 more month of good sun, does the plants will have 2nd cycle of flowering?

    Do I need to take it off or can it last a winter

    Thanks and have a nice weekend

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  2. whitetop

    whitetop Registered+

    not a expert but im sure there not done yet think a week or two to get your buds even better
  3. SmokeMyPiece

    SmokeMyPiece Registered+

    ^--Ya let em go longer. You could also stagger your harvest; Take 1 branch a week.

    Looks good Man
  4. weeddaddy50

    weeddaddy50 Registered+

    looks like about 1 more month....they really just started to bud?
  5. Tattooist28

    Tattooist28 Registered

    Take off the tops leave the rest of them another week to grow :Rasta:
  6. Purple Daddy

    Purple Daddy Registered+

    If you have a microscope look for milky or amber crystals(trichomes) on the flowers also look for the calyx(a false seed pod) to swell. A general rule of thumb is that 50% dark hairs and it should be picked. The plant can be picked in stages as well.

    These budded naturally and are that well developed? What region do you live in? I have some budding that aren't quite that well developed and others that have barely just started.
  7. dandanbo

    dandanbo Registered

    Tnx Purple Daddy I'm at Greece
  8. Smokey4Mc2Pot0420

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    i would give your plant another month or two, to let ur buds fully develop. ur plant looks really good, hope u get good results in the end!:Rasta:
  9. birdstock

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    how do I tell if my plant is ready for harvest?

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