Are Rolling papers bad???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by AntMan757, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. AntMan757

    AntMan757 Registered

    So i was smoking with a friend right

    and i was telling him about this deal i saw on the internet for rolling papers

    and he was like "man i don't fuck with them shits, those things cause cancer"

    is that true??

    are rolling papers more hazardous to you health then dutch leaves??
  2. UCI-James

    UCI-James Registered+

    Everything causes cancer. Also, you're inhaling smoke. What are you worried about health-wise?
  3. bobhasbitchtits

    bobhasbitchtits Registered+

    Wow, if you haven't done any research on this shit then I dunno. You can find scientific studies on the smokable qualities of papers and blunts; the fact is you are inhaling a foreign substance and there is nothing saying that it can't cause cancer either way. If you're going to smoke anything then smoke your preference, not what you hear from your friends. Smoke what is enjoyable to you. If you find research that proves that papers are bad for you, then by all means: avoid them. Otherwise, you smoke your friggen ass off.
  4. Sandman27

    Sandman27 Registered+

    Its kinda like the George Carlin joke "Did you hear death is caused by inhaling oxygen over long periods of time?" Everything and nothing causes cancer. We dont know squat. But its kinda funny that smoking weed doesnt bother him one bit but adding in a small amount of paper scares the shit out of him. You prob have the same chance of getting cancer from rolling papers as you do walking into a bar.
  5. snowblind

    snowblind Registered+

    yeah they are bad, one once mugged me and stole my wallet.
  6. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Banned

    your burning plant material and inhaling its smoke.....thats bad for you.

    a rolling paper is no worse. theres probably a few more chemicals, but it wighs almost nothing.

    if your worried, get natural unbleached papers-theyre a little better
  7. DRybes

    DRybes Registered+

    Most rolling paper is made of rice or similar. I've seen clear ones made of pure cellulose.

    Anything organic (carbon containing) that burns has cancer potential. Leaves, wood, you name it. Similar to the guy who wants to take a fatal dose of M******e on his deathbed, you have to compare relative risks. In this case, there's not many types of paper you could roll a J with that would create more carcinogen than the bud itself. He may have misread some information which led to his fear... help dispell it by sitting him down with a google search. Did you know rocks emit radiation? Etc.
  8. Blackwolf575

    Blackwolf575 Registered+

    The rocks emiting radiation thing is cool. A person who sleeps in a basement get the same amount of radiation as someone who works in the core of a nuclear power plant. I learned that because they were gonna put a nuclear plant in my town cause there is huge need for power right now

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