are teachers drug tested?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Stemis516, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Stemis516

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    hey all i am trying to decide what i want to do with my life and what graduate program i am going to enter in the summer and i was wondering if there are any teachers (high-school or junior high only) that have been drug tested for their job and if in general are teachers drug tested in order to be hired?

  2. Mississippi Steve

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    My daughter is a teacher(high school), and yes they get tested... for employment, if there is any kind of incident, and the occassional random. She teaches in New Orleans.
  3. 5thHorseMan

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    Probably, they test art teachers for sure, gotta make sure the art teacher is stoned enough to teach art after-all.
  4. Stemis516

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    well this is depressing so far, thanks for the inputs

    any other inputs more than welcome
  5. Stonermom18

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    Never Fear!

    Dear Stemis516,
    Do not let the others get you down, my best friend is a teacher and a daily smoker.:smokin: Yes teachers are drug tested...monthly in fact. There are plenty of things you can take to pass a urine test though. You also have to look at the school board you are signing up with, if they are stricton there "teacher drug policie", i wouldnt try it with that school. You can look in the teachers handbook you will recive to find out about there policies and procedures. I would try a much smaller school district if you want to remain a smoker, if you find the right one...which if you look carefully im sure you can, (stay away from TX this state is much more strict in there educational track, if you live in TX i suggest a small school district like i said and some great system cleaning pills...Golden Seal is amazing!) Then i know you can smoke a fat one before work and have the job of your dreams:hippy:, but please keep it a good secret, use eye drops and spray and by all means NEVER TAKE IT TO WORK WITH YOU:(, like other people are telling you weed and school zones dont mix, but dont let your job mess with your lifestyle.

    Happy Smoke and good
    luck to you,

  6. Stemis516

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    thanks for the info man

    yeah i have no intention of going to work high or smoking during lunch if i become a teacher, but i would need to medicate everyday after work was over and my lesson plans were done...just to unwind, ease my neck pain, and battle my insomnia

    im sure not all districts will give monthly tests, i was just hoping for a preemployment tests at the worst or something
  7. Stonermom18

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    No you are right just the larger districts in TX will drug test monthly, they are more strict.i hope you stick with it and i think youll make a great teacher!:D
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  8. NiceDream

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    I taught for a charter school and they did no testing at all, just for TB. Public school might be different though.
  9. seattlesmoke247

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    i have heard in alaska they don't drug test teachers, GL stemis!

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