Are there really different types of weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by glitch, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. glitch

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    I went to my friends house this weekend and we got some weed that wasn't regular weed. Like things felt way too dreamy, haha well to us if was like a video game ( we even had sound effects to go along with the ''new levels'' we got to, or the trips we took to different places hahah) and I don't know, I've heard of hydro and like haze but what the hell's the difference between that and regular weed? I know hydro has a different way of growing but who cares about that...i want to know if there are actually different effects from these different types of weed. and if so what are they and what kind of weed gives them?? i can't find any site that explains different effects.
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    Yes, there literally thousands upon thousands of different kinds of strains. Ever since someone first discovered how to cross strain in their own home, the strains are endless.

    There are Sativa strains. They grow skinny leaves, tall and lanky, and will give you an up/speedy high. All head high with sativa. Hits you like a ton of bricks.

    Then there are indica strains. They grow fat leaves, short and bushier plants. That will give you a couchlock/narcotic high. Body stone, sleepy time weed.

    Then there are the countless numbers of strains that are crosses of sativa and indica. That gives you a mix of the two kinds.

    Haze is really well known for it's potent, head smoke, 100% sativa I believe. Hard to find 100% sativas as they produce potent as fuckin hell buds.. That is just the name of it, but is more potent than most common strains.

    Hydro is just a name of the method they used to grow the pot. Hydro is grown without the use of soil. It is grown using the pressure of water. I'm not 100% sure on that though, I'm not a hydro grower, all I know is that it is grown using water.

    I could go on forever with strains. But there are thousands of them, all produce different effects.

    Check out they have TONS of info on marijuana and its effects. Here are a few examples of diffenent kinds of herb:

    White Widow
    Purple Power
    Indian Haze
    Panama Red
    Power Plant
    Big Blue
    Strawberry Cough

    Those are names of actual strains you can buy(seeds). All are different in their own way.
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  3. rollinKansas

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    browse around a seed bank man yoll get the idea
  4. Phresher than it Got

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    the way you describe it makes me think it couldve been laced, you probably wouldnt be able to tell since your kinda new to weed smoking
  5. NightProwler

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    hydro is grown using hydro-ponics. which is just like sticking a seed in water and letting it grow
  6. glitch

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    i'm not so much new to weed smoking than i am hearing aobut different kinds of weed and the different effects, i didn't start to learn the facts about it if you know what i mean haha. i just wanted to know the different kinds and effects they have..
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    Uhm.. you should care, since you're asking us
  8. Goodman3eb

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    Dude, that sounds like your weed might've been laced with coke or PCP....
  9. Nullific

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    Nobody laces weed with coke. If you don't smoke often it just sounds to me like you got really high, it isn't uncommon for people to have 'dreamy' experiences from pot.
    Don't smoke coke by the way, smoke crack.
  10. UniqueShadow08

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    dude i remember my first time i smoked it hit me like a tons of brix like i honestly thought i was in a movie..............its not laced dude its just really really fucking strong and you got high as hell..
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    Yeah, that happens to me when I'm insanely high, it seems like I'm looking through someone else's eyes and shit..I trip out, and hallucinate. It's good, except that my eyes will cross (or it feels like that anyway, i have yet to find out if they really do) and it makes me fee sick, like when you spin really really fast for a while, but it won't go away until i come down.
  12. Fengzi

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  13. lizka4200

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    jack frost...afghanie posoin...sickisest bud i had..i used to get all labeled chronic...fucking awesome...
  14. Big Blunt Boy

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    There are two different sorts of weed Sativa(more of a head buzz) or Indica(more of a body buzz) then there are mixs of the two and that shit will fuck u up!
  15. HighTillIDie

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    don't forget cannabis ruderalis... my favorite little strain

    been experimenting guerilla style cross breeding ruderalis... i think i will have a 20% thc ruderalis strain soon, but i need to homogenize the strain a lil more

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