Are these buds ready to harvest?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Mainely Growing Weed, Jul 1, 2012.

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    Still waiting for my microscope can you tell from these high resolution pictures if they are ready to harvest or should I wait? DSCN7954 (2) (1024x768).jpg
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    They certainly don't look ready to me.

    I know you should go by the colour of the trichomes and look for milky and some amber before the plant is ready.

    However, in my experience I always saw the pistils go that rusty brown (strain dependant) all over before the trichomes even started to turn amber.

    Sometimes it is hard to find new, white pistils on the plant. So personally I would say that you are a very long way off harvest.. a few weeks even.

    Don't always go by the recommended harvest time on the seed packets. They are not always right depending on your set-up and sometimes they advertise a little dishonestly maybe.

    So can't wait to see your near harvest and harvest photos. Did you buy a USB microscope ? I got a 400x one for $40 or so and it works great. Can see everything perfectly.

    I'll definitely be posting some trichome photos when the time approaches ;) Will be in about 8 weeks or so I guess, going on last harvest...
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    I ordered a microscope but it hasn't arrived yet. Living in back woods Maine there aren't a lot of places (make that no places localy)I can pick one up. Thanks for the information I was worried that I was missing out on the tricomes but I used to wait till 1/2 of the pistils were tan till harvest when I did my outdoor grows. I cut one flower off to make that picture. Guess I'll just have to smoke it immature. I won't bother cutting another till the pisils start to turn hopefuly the microscope will be here by then. By the way all my plants are clones. That one is called #4 localy it's an indica strain I got from a friend. I also have some A4's, 2 Jerry berry, and one strawberry cough. Total 11 plants I really like this indoor growing more work but less worry.
    PS next grow will have a journal :)
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