are water bongs better for you

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by nancyrenee, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. nancyrenee

    nancyrenee Registered

    I was thinking that bongs were better for you because unlike a joint you aren't inhaling burning paper. As well as the water helping to cleanse some of the toxins. So are they better for you? What about pipes? I love to smoke from my pipe. It has to be better than inhaling all that burnt paper. Or blunts which are made out of tobacco leaves. I can't stand tobacco so maybe I'm biased. But I absolutely HATE blunts. I can't smoke them.
  2. sawleaf

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    I've always heard that also, and I'm sure the water does filter out some toxins because it is always weird looking afterwards. Hey Nancy ever try a vaporizer?
  3. Tilde

    Tilde Registered

    Yup, they are better for you. Inhaling any kind of smoke is bad for you, but bongs filter out a lot of the carbon content in the smoke. Also, since the smoke is cooler, you can keep it in your lungs longer allowing you to absorb more THC while smoking less (gotta love efficiency).
    And I'm guessing pipes are better for you, too, since paper is basically made out of carbon.
  4. llamaman666

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    yea, vaporizers are the best, then bongs, pipes, joints, and finnaly blunts. I hate them too.
  5. Tilde

    Tilde Registered

    I've never tried a vaporizer before...can you see what it emits, or is the vapor basically invisible?
  6. marinesf22

    marinesf22 Registered+

    Its a light grey, I am using a volcano vaporizer right now, it is badass
  7. Tilde

    Tilde Registered

    Sweet...I'd buy one if I wasn't so poor :( I haven't smoked in almost a WEEK!!

    *66 days until student loan* sigh
  8. marinesf22

    marinesf22 Registered+

    i have been stoned on the best shit ever for about a week and a half now.
  9. Tilde

    Tilde Registered

    Rub it in marinesf22...rub it in :rolleyes:

    Haha, just messin around. Hey, if you ever find having too great a stash to smoke by yourself or with friends, you could always *cough* mail me the surplus :D
  10. Roland Bluntz

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    Y'all are fools, just roll up a blunt of some bomb ass headies, like a gram or so, smoke that, then tell me you don't like blunts. You will get SOOOO much higher than smoking that amount from a bong, because you won't get headachy and head rushy before you can finish. Trust me you'll easily be high for 4 hrs., you'll go to sleep and then some. In all honesty though I love blunts as my name implies as well as bongs. I hate normal bowls, I think that shit is the WORST, it's a thick ass hit with NO cleaning out of any of the chemicals and it just chokes me up.
  11. nancyrenee

    nancyrenee Registered


    Personally I hate blunts. I also hate the tobacco industry. I really don't like people who even use tobacco. Not that I would be mean to someone deliberately because they are addicted to nicotine. But most people I know that smoke tobacco look like the next thing to a crack head. So for me blunts even though filled with weed = tobacco. I would much rather smoke weed in a bong or a pipe than anything else. And I never get a headache from hitting a bong. I never feel all light headed either. Just a nice smooth hit and a cool buzz.
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  12. marinesf22

    marinesf22 Registered+

    ya i dont like blunts or joints either, i only smoke pipes for the most part, except for right now (volcano) :) ... i tried a gravity bong yesterday and it was pretty cool. i might get a bong but smoking on pipes is good enough for me
  13. gs8778

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  14. jolly green giant

    jolly green giant Registered+

    has anyone tried buckets, ther so nice and creamy..yum yum
  15. grateful dead 420

    grateful dead 420 Registered

    i love being high
  16. ride n get high

    ride n get high Registered+

    I like smokin out of anything.. But blunts and bongs are my faviorite

  17. ndhawk

    ndhawk Registered+

    "The reason is that waterpipes filter out more psychoactive THC than they do other tars, thereby requiring users to smoke more to reach their desired effect. "

    Now I'll never use the homeade bong I made...
  18. dazedfromthehaze

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    THC isnt water soluable, bongs don't lower the amount of THC, but they do take out some harmful toxins, which add to the heavy feeling you get in your head and ears and shit. Bongs give you a "cleaner high" then bowls and blunts/joints, so people that associate being high with that thick-headed feeling probably wouldnt like bongs as much because it takes some of that away, some peeps prefer blunts because the leaf is tobacco, and nicotine is a drug, and mixing drugs is always better. (ok, not always) Just like some people like smoking a cigarette to "add" to their high, but I would never tarnish that "oh so lovely" taste of the great green herb.

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