are you looking for a doctor in new mexico? i have important info for you!

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by lostsaint, Aug 17, 2009.

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    THCF medical clinics is planning a trip to new mexico. THCF medical clinic is a group of traveling doctors dedicated to helping patients get the medical cannabis cards. they are planning a trip to new mexico for this purpose, IF they can make enough appointments to make the trip feasible. so far no dates yet they havent got enough appointments set up. here is thier phone number 1-800-723-0188. here is thier link Home | The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, THCF Medical Clinics, THC Foundation, Medical Marijuana Doctors, Medical Marijuana Clinics, Medical Marijuana Referrals, Medical Marijuana Permit, Medical Marijuana Card, Serving The Cannabis Community Since 1 . this is what we have been waiting for call and make your appointment today!
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    Lostsaint, what saint would that be? How does a doctor that is not licsensed in New Mexico qualify to write prescriptions in New Mexico? As I understand the requirments, only a physician that can legaly write prescriptions may sign the physicians recomendation, perhaps I misunderstand your service. I was able to access all the nesassary information at the state of New Mexico web site, if anyone needs that information it can be viewed at; New Mexico Department of Health HIV-Hepatitis-STD Prevention Programs, The program manager is Dominick V. Zurlo, The medical cannabis program coordinator can be reached at 505-827-2321. I hope people on this site are suspect of any out of state services being offered, and investigate for themselves.I am a medical card holder and would like to help out anyone truly in need, unfortunately that does not include recomending any physicians, as I have not been given permission to do so, (as of today) however i do have an appiontment to inquire about that matter with several of my physicians. if and when I am given permission, I will post instructions on how to contact me for that information.
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    not to troll but...

    This sounds like profiteering...
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    I used the THCF Clinic when I lived in WA. First off, use your brains. Obviously doctors cannot write prescriptions in a state they cannot practice medicine in. Amazing enough, THCF has many doctors that are licensed in several states because their goal is to help and educate. They are the only clinic I know of that guarantees to show up to court and actually follow through, because they said they would. You could only be so lucky as to have them come to New Mexico.

    Former patient,
    Misty Keen

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