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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by babakhan90, Apr 1, 2010.

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    So I purchased the Arizer Extreme Q last January and all i can say is wow...what an amazing machine....HOWEVER.... recently iv been getting this message on the front screen saying "Er2"... Now it constantly shows up and it wont let me use the device. There is also this annoying beeping sound that wont shut off.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem with their arizer extreme q? And also does anyone know how efficient and rapid arizer is with responding back via e-mail? I already contacted them via phone however I was informed to go ahead and contact them through e-mail.... Anyways hope someone else can help me out.

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    hey actually im going through something similar with mines. Its a vaporizer extreme i got about 1 and a 1/2 years ago. Last night it started making the continuos beeping noise, i thought i could put up with the noise, but then the vaporizer would no longer heat passed a couple hundred degrees F. Im not getting the error messege mentioned. I must admit I havent taken the "best" care of my vape and it has been mistreated a bit. Great product dont know about their customer service reputation though. i just emailed them a few minutes ago, did they respond to your email? Website says the heater has a lifetime warranty
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    This is definitely a problem with the electronic board in the Q. Contact Arizer, they can swap this out for you under warranty.
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    Response Time?


    I just experienced the same problem. I have had the unit a little over 2 months and love it, use multiple times daily, take pretty good care of it (sits on the coffee table most the time). Two days ago it started beeping and displayed the "Er2" code on the LCD screen, and would not respond to the remote control or the buttons on the unit. After I unplugged and plugged it back in, it would work for a while, and then do it again. Last night, it started having that error immediately and continuously after turning the unit on, and now it is pretty much useless.

    I have contacted the address with a description of the problem and requesting support. Its only been a few hours, but I just 'burned' one down, and the taste is now so awful compared to the vapor I've gotten spoiled with - I would really like to get this fixed asap as now I don't even like 'smoking' anymore. Also, I was not able to locate a phone number for the company - could someone please share that?

    As for the warranty, what kind of information will they need? I purchased mine with cash at a local shop in PDX (paid $360), don't have the receipt or original packaging anymore, and don't see what looks like a serial number anywhere on the unit. Also, it has had substances in/around it that I'd rather not ship through the mail. Is the electrical board something that they could ship to me and I would be able to replace with moderate tinkering experience? I don't see any screws or obvious points to take it apart at.

    If someone could help me out with how to go about this, it would be greatly appreciated.

  5. allyourbase

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    Great Response Time, Excellent Service

    So here is an update to my last post, and the only reason I'm spending time on this is because I am now an even bigger fan of Arizer and I recommend the Extreme to everybody. I never did find a phone number, but ended up getting a response by email just 4 hours later by a nice woman named Debbie. She explained the probable cause of the malfunction (based on my description in the first email) to be the soldering connection between the heating element and the circuit board, and provided directions on how to ship it in for repair or replacement. The process was personal and informal (no RMA#, no receipt, no questions) and the only thing they needed was my name and address to ship it back to, included in both the email and the box. I paid for the shipping there, and they paid for the shipping back. The total turnaround time was about a week. I now have a brand new device courtesy of my new friends at Arizer.
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    WOW i second to that!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: thumbs up for VAPORIZER EXTREME. I went through the same process, i guess my vape wasnt worth fixing so they sent me a new one too. Like the guy above me said, i only paid to ship it to them in canada. I had a new unit in the post office about a week and a half or two later. GREAT COMPANY
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    Did yours also turn the fan on at the same time as all the other shit

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