As Promised: Herojuana Wax Review (Crackly Crack-Weed Part 2)

Discussion in 'Indica' started by Oliver Crane, Jan 8, 2016.


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  1. Oliver Crane

    Oliver Crane Registered+

    Photo Jan 08, 2 37 41 PM.jpg Alright,
    So I reviewed some Green Crack Wax the other day and decided that I was gonna just go ahead and get the other shady-sounding 'crack-weed' - Herojuana, of course! I've gotta say, buying a half g of Herojuana crumble sure does remind me of spending nights with my mate who actually does Black... Anyway, that same guy who does actual crazy drugs said that the Herojuana strain was "pretty legit," so legit it must be!

    ANYWAY, this stuff is lighter than the Green Crack was, a good sign for potency. I'm big on flavour when it comes to wax, so I was a little disappointed in it's earthiness, but I don't exactly know what I expected from an Indica as strong as Herojuana, but it was also piney and almost minty, which is nice. What I like about this strain, is it's ability to just completely take me by surprise. Indicas always do this to me, they get me a little high at first, then I just keep getting higher for a while after I've smoked. This is usually why I avoid indicas when I'm working, but I just went ahead and gone done it, didn't I? Bottom line: Not the best for being productive, but if you want to just zone out for a good 15 minutes, this is the ideal "I can't" concentrate...

    I also mean this all in the best possible way, I can't feel my ear lobes
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  2. Oliver Crane

    Oliver Crane Registered+

    ok so I took some dabs and I can feel my face tingling so it's high thc for sure, Ialso can't stop talking a lot to my coworkers and I think I might be super faded but there's a definite euphoria feeling in my entire body and mind so
  3. tipz

    tipz Guest

    would herojuana.........actually be herijuana? herijuana was originally vended by 3Lbs then it went to woodhorse to motorrebel and finally found its way to Sannie who now distributes
    old herijuana seeds that lack vigor and has poor germination rates... Maybe herojuana is some new exotic strain recently developed???? :)
  4. Oliver Crane

    Oliver Crane Registered+

    My mistake. It is Herijuana.
  5. tipz

    tipz Guest

    Heri is actually a great medicinal strain, i only know a few people that actually work with it these days, but its a true top 5 strain on the indica side for sure.
    Forgotten genes..that produce some great plants, Id be interested in seeing your work with her. Kudos
  6. COweed

    COweed Registered+

    Thanks for the review. I've had some Green Crack, and Diamond Jedi weed a few months back, both go under the name Cavier as well.

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