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ash catcher questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by dewthedew, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. dewthedew

    dewthedew Registered+

    I have a bong with a 14mm bowl I have desided to buy an ash catcher but I don't know the first thing about them.:( I've heard on here they are sapose to keep your bong cleaner, now my question is can u use your bowl(s) that came with the bong. how do they work and how do u clean them?:smokin::stoned:
  2. dewthedew

    dewthedew Registered+

    I mean can u use your bowl(s) congjunkion with the ash catcher
  3. RamblerGambler

    RamblerGambler Registered+

    Depends what kind of ash catcher it is. Maybe these pic's will give you an idea.

    Pic 1 - Yes, you can use your bowl
    Pic 2 - No Bowl For You

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  4. dewthedew

    dewthedew Registered+

    in pic 2 how big is the bowl pack is it enoungh for more than 1 person also how would u clean the ash catcher in pic 2
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  5. RamblerGambler

    RamblerGambler Registered+

    Yes, as with any glass piece you can find different sizes. I owned an ash catch similar to the second and it had a plenty large bowl.

    As for cleaning, it's really not that difficult. You know it's time to clean when you start having to pull harder without any noticeable result. I would just fill it with salt/rubbing alcohol, plug the holes with your fingers and shake well. Shouldn't take more then 5 min tops
  6. dewthedew

    dewthedew Registered+

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