Asthma and vaporizing.

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    Im making this as an information thread after doing a search for myself and noticed not alot of information comes up about smoking with asthma.

    I have had asthma nearly my whole life. and am a normal marijuana smoker. I am a pretty healthy person and i dont have many problems with my asthma. Even though its still bad enough where i have been perscribed Advair and Singular to help control my symtoms. Also i have an inhalor which have to carry around.

    Since i started vaping instead of smoking, i have noticed i have all but eliminated the need for those meds. i have gone from using my inhalor from up to 4 times a day on average 1-2 times daily while i was smoking normally from either a bong, pipe or joint, to using my inhalor 1 to 2 times in a whole week.

    I havent had the need to even take my pillls or daily steriod inhalor since making the switch. And overall i feel all around "better". My breathing has become easier also and less things that normally triggered a reaction, now to not seem to bother me as much.

    When im with friends, which a joint, pipe or bong is used, i find i will have to use my inhalor a few times every day for a few days after a session, so i know it isnt just a placebo effect. So anyone with asthma, i highly reccomend you make the switch to vaping.

    I hope this helps, and this is just my personal findings. all in all my lungs feel clearer, cleaner and happier. My only complant about vaping, is it doesnt feel as traditional as say smoking out of a nice spoon, ripping a bong, or toking a joint. "smoking" out of a tube or bag almost doesnt feel right and the vaping pipes on the market, you still are inhaling some vapor and possibly soot from the lighter which i think defeats some of the purpose of vaping. even though this isnt a big enough complaint to keep me from enjoying my herb.:vap_smiley:

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