At what point do you start flushing?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by daihashi, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. daihashi

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    The answer is easy, generally 1-2 weeks before harvest.. correct?

    but when do you start to flush based off trichome color? We know you want to harvest generally at 10-20% amber, but do you wait for 10-20% amber before beginning to flush or is that what you actually want to try to harvest at?

    does that make sense?
  2. texas grass

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    you harvest depends on the high you want
    a good time to harvest with a good mix of high is about 10-20% amber (thats when you cut down the plant)
    you start to flush atleast 2 weeks before you cut down the plant
    the longer you flush the cleaner your buds will taste

    using a true organic setting you really dont have to worry about flushing much because you dont have the excessive salt build up and it was the benneficials microherd feeding the plant

    good luck
  3. texas grass

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    also meant to say that the first 1 maybe 2 runs will be guess and after that you should beable to go by dates/weeks

    sorry for the double post:smokin:
  4. daihashi

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    I don't think you understood the question.

    Is 2 weeks before harvest the 10-20% amber? Or do you want to be 10-20% amber at the time you actually cut the cola's off the plant. And if the latter is what people mean then at what point do you determine to start flushing.

    I guess that's the best and simplest way to ask the question. I already knew what you stated above.
  5. Mr. Clandestine

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    I usually chop when about 15% of the trichs are amber. I've grown most of my strains long enough that I have a good idea how long they take to mature, and flush accordingly. But if you're wanting to chop at 10%-20% amber, then start flushing after all of the trichs have turned cloudy, and no later than when you begin to notice a few turning red. Again, in my opinion, best way to know is to have a few runs with a particular strain under my belt, which gives me a much better idea on my flowering time.

    Hope that helps. Take care. :jointsmile:
  6. daihashi

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    Word.. and I agree it's something that you get accustomed to after a few grows under your belt. This is my first grow/harvest so I was just wondering what to look for.

    I didn't want to go too far past where I should've harvested and lost potency from thc degradation.

    Thanks all for the input.
  7. Mr. Clandestine

    Mr. Clandestine Registered+

    Glad I could be of assistance. :thumbsup:

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