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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by chillcan, Apr 5, 2014.

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    I really would appreciate some help with my indoor wardrobe grow.

    I will post my full set-up later but at the moment my problem is with the soil that I use.

    I am trying to grow Master Kush Feminised Seeds.

    Previously I have germinated my seeds and then planted them into John Innes Number 1 and that has been okay.

    When it comes to flowering time, I have transpalnted my plants into bigger pots and used John Innes Number 2 and my plants have died. I believe that the reason is the nutrients in John Innes Number 2 has killed the roots.

    I have new seeds germinating at the moment and I would really appreciate guidance on what soil to use so as that I do not lose another grow.

    My nearest place to buy compost/soil is Atlantic/Woodies so if anyone can advise what I should buy that would be great.

    Oh yeah, I already have the perlite to mix in with it.

    After I get the soil, I will post some pics of my set-up and list the lights that I have, but first things first.


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    155 views and no help :(
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    Hey mate,
    i dont know about brands because im new to ireland, but ill tell you all a good soil should have.
    You want soil that holds the water, drains well to allow oxygen in for the roots and to keep the proper EC and PH levels (although the EC becomes more important for hydro. if you use soil its not absolutely necessary).
    During veg you want soil rich in Nitrogen, while during flowering the soil should be richer in Phosphorous and Potassium.
    On top of that you need nutrients, soil improvers and finally some additives.
    I can give you tips on how to create your own soil if you need any further information.
    And apologies if some terms are wrong: english is not my mothertongue :)
    Good luck and smoke up :jointsmile:
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    btw, you say you think the soils nutrients might have killed the plant. keep in mind that you should be using light soil low on nutrients and everything else you should be adding yourself. cheers
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    Thanks for the advice.

    I could not wait any longer so I ended up getting this:

    Westland Garden Health, Multi Purpose Compost with added Johns Inns -

    Plants are now 16 days into veg. I did the first 7 days on 24 hours light and now I am on 18 hours light and 6 hours darkness.

    I am using 4 Ecozone daylight biobulbs which are 25w and it says on the box that the colour temperature is 6400k:

    Ecozone Biobulb, Energy-Saving Daylight Bulb, Bayonet Cap B22, 25W Equivalent to 100w, 1750 Lumens, Full Spectrum, Daylight White 6500k, Uses 75% Less Energy. Ideal for suffers of S.A.D: Lighting

    Any advice very welcome.

    I tried to upload a few photos, but the uploads kept failing :(
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  7. MastaIgnita

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    Yeah, i think those lamps should be fine for the veg cycle. Sodium lamps will be expensive, but for their luminic potency you will be spending much less watt (so cheaper bill in the end), and nothing fattens buds more than sodiums hehe. So in the end growers consider it worth it because you will get your money back in the quantity of weed you produce (especially with the irish prices. 25e a gram? wow, are you serious? lol). Whether you get the sodiums or not, at least you should get lamps with a reddish/purplish spectrum, because white spectrums are only useful to increase the height of the plant during veg.
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    If you can help me out by posting a link to teh correct light from I would be grateful
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    We are getting into a complicated topic. Many different lamps work, and some better than others, but their price also varies a lot. I never used amazon before, but ill tell you about brands and if you google them up you will find growshops and other sites that sell them.
    The first option is to get warm light CFLs, but normally people only use them for veg or as a support for the sodiums during flo, because the results will be rather dissapointing. If you are gonna grow once alright, but if you want to continue practicing the beautiful art of growing (lol) upgrade yourself. You may also get mixed lamps (veg+fl) like Phillips Son-T Plus, Son-T Agro, Hpi-T, Solar max, Sylvania grolux, sylvania shp-ts, Tesla, also heard about Phillips green power or Osram plantastar, etc.. that might be also supported by metal-halide lamps to complete the spectrum. Most of those mixed lamps can be used for both, although some people only use them for flowering. The first 2 are probably the most common, but have a look around, see different prices... you know..
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    this compost is rubbish. its not cleaned its full of weed seeds and not the type pf weed seeds what you want plus jhon innes is way 2 strong for small plants

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