Attack of the Grey Mold!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Hustlerjim, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Hustlerjim

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    So yeah, at first I thought it was spidermites web (1st time grower), but after careful research I have come to the conclusion that it is most defnately mold. (See photo)

    Just finished soaking my three beauties with this concoction...
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    Could anyone tell me if this will work?


    Jim :Rasta:

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  2. Turtlez

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    sorry man, ive got a bit of it too. best thing ive found is to just snip the bad parts asap and try to keep the buds dry.
  3. clovisman

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    I had a mold problem a few weeks back- I also used a baking soda solution I found on internet- 1 tbl spoon backing soda and 1 drop soap no oil- I sprayed liberally- within hours all the white hairs had burnt and I lost bud mass- thought I had killed the plant- within 5 days the plant was once again covered with new white hairs - now 3 weeks later the plant looks great- baking soda will kill mold but I should have used a weeker solution- wait some time and you will regain the bud loss - bottom line, if I had not used solution I would have lost this plant and risked infecting others nearby- good luck and let me know what happens for my records
  4. rastaman79

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    Its down to rubbish English weather,i had a touch in the garden,2 months ago,and the weather has got worse.Cut the moldy buds off straight away and keep ya bud dry,if its in a pot-put it in the shed at night
  5. Hustlerjim

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    My advice to anyone with grey mold is to NOT try using the homemade fungicide i did.
    I gave it a day to see if it worked and lost half my crop. (Turns out the water just helped to encourage bastard mold!)

    Anyway, that shit spreads like wildfire so be VERY careful...

    P.s Don't be cheap like I was, go and invest in some proper foliar fungicide.
  6. clovisman

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    sorry for your problem- If you read the prior post I made - the solution i used -did work- maybe the oil helped trap the moisture in and spread the mold instead of killing- try again without the oil- maybe you can save your girl like I did- I expect to get 4ozs from plant I was sure was dead
  7. Weedhound

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    The idea behind that fungicide is to raise the ph....(baking soda) as mold does very poorly in a high ph enviroment. Do you have an oscillating fan on your plants and what is your room humidity?
  8. peacewish

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    I have been having the same problem. The rains have arrived in the PNW, so I built a makeshift cover to keep them dry, but still had new mold growth just do to the high humidity. I have trimmed away all existing mold and now have been using a product that contains Bacillus subtilis. It is a bacteria that out-competes the bad stuff. Smells a little like cider, but seems to be working so far!

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  9. Gardner1

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    Nice! I had several plants and gave one to a friend (Neville Haze) and his did nice along his house. But we both had mold issues. I am completing a 10X16 greenhouse and hope to stop that. It just rained too much.

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