Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand' started by EminEM1, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. EminEM1

    EminEM1 Registered+

    Hey I'm looking for other aussie stoners. Is there any here?
  2. aqualungs

    aqualungs Registered

    :p hello mr aussie stoner can u guess which city i live near
  3. Nikon

    Nikon Registered

    im a brisbane stoner
  4. EminEM1

    EminEM1 Registered+

    Well im in Maryborough
  5. Miss Green

    Miss Green Registered+

    I'm an aussie stoner!

    Hey i'm an aussie stoner and new to the forum.How are you other aussie stoners? :) :eek:
  6. luckydan

    luckydan Registered+

    Hi from the gold coast, didnt even no this place existed,not shore how i got here.
  7. ozyboy

    ozyboy Registered

    Im from Campbelltown Sydney. Luv smoking, also smoke Salvia..Wat a crazy trip
  8. NoosaHeads

    NoosaHeads Registered+

    haha maryborugh is the Gay capital of queensland....lmao..
  9. nouseforaname

    nouseforaname Registered

    hey mnm,
    Whats cracking.... gotta meet up sometime soon and get out of it :rolleyes:
  10. Muggles

    Muggles Registered+

    Brisbane smoker here!

    I just moved here from the States with my Aussie wife and am lovin' it! Lets just say I don't think I'll be going back to the states... ever. :D

    And let me say, the weed here is better and cheaper! \o/
  11. Miss Green

    Miss Green Registered+

    Welcome to Australia Muggles i'm sure the weed is alot cheaper and better.I live about 2hours from Brisbane it's a cool place.Take care of yourself and Happy toking.
  12. EminEM1

    EminEM1 Registered+

    Go into the cannabis chat
  13. Ineedpot

    Ineedpot Registered

    need some pot

    hey guys i need some pot,im from sydney and if anyone could help please
  14. SamoanLawyer

    SamoanLawyer Registered+

    need pot, just go to the cross or bondi or everly street redfern, you'll get hooked up, dont beleive the hype about redfern , they are cool if youre cool, just dont stick around, they'll be scabin bongs off ya
  15. Ineedpot

    Ineedpot Registered

    Thanks i will give it a go, i havent had a smoke since saturday!!!!!!

    Does anyone know if this herbal stuff is legal in Australia and does it WORK!!!!
  16. blade

    blade Registered

    sup just moved to the goldcoast from BC Canada. Just paid $90 for a quarter ounce!! holy shit that is expensive!!
  17. MullManiac

    MullManiac Registered+

    i'm from melbourne, road trpin' up to nimbin in janurary tho :D
  18. Miss Green

    Miss Green Registered+

    I'm sure you will have a good time!

    Yeah i'm sure you will have a good time everyone usually is cool,laidback it's along way from melbourne but i'm sure it will be worth it! :Rasta: :smokin: :dance:
  19. mushy

    mushy Registered

    im from the gold coast
  20. kite

    kite Registered


    A big HELLO to all.

    I just found this place Im from Tassie.

    Anyone want to chat anytime feel free to drop me a hey yo ok.


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