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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by lunarose, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. lunarose

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    Hi All, I remember reading something a while back about auto flowering strains I think it said that the pistils don't turn amber? I just don't remember other then saying you judge their readiness is different. Does anyone know anything about this?
  2. Jimbob1310

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    im 3 days from harvest and there isnt an amber pistil on my plant. im assuming not unless its a quick change.

    you should use the breeder schedule to know when to harvest your AF plants. I.E.: LR2- 60 days from seed.
  3. lunarose

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    Jim, Thanks. Thing is my AF's Auto-ak-47 are 7 week old and have been flowering for about a week now there is no way they'll be ready for week 8 nor week 9 which is when the breeder saids they should be ready.
  4. chadsvb

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    Indoors or Outdoors?

    If you're growing outdoors, the AF strain will take a little longer. It's not in a "controlled environment", so you can't tell it when it get's light, when it doesn't, etc...

    If you're growing indoors, there's a few things it could be. Since it's an AF, it should have started flowering much more soon than 7 weeks (around week 3 or 4, maybe even earlier!).

    Since your grow is going slower than normal, you'll need to look at the trichomes to determine when to harvest. Go to eBay and search for "Jewelers Loupe" and get a 30x magnifier! Then just watch those trich's til their good and cloudy, almost amber colored.

    As far as why it seems to be behind on flowering, could you give me more information on your setup? I mean, it could be light leak during dark period, it could be too small of a pot (rootbound), etc. Anyways, I'm here to help...
  5. sarah louise

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    The only auto in my garden is Sensi's Ruderalis Indica. Apart from popping into flower at 5 nodes and finishing within 12 weeks of germination, the flowers of this strain follow the same sort of development seen in photoperiod sensitive indicas and I harvest based on the same sorts of signs.

    sara lou :hippy:
  6. Justtrying

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    I just do not seem to have Luck with AF. I just cannot get these puppies up to 12 inches. I can finish them, 60-67 days, but i get nothing ever close to these 12-14 inch full plants.

    I grow in Hydro drip, constant light, 325 for the first couple weeks, once I see good solid life, go to 400W. I have tried the entire thing with MH, then this crop MH start to see flowering, switch to 400 HPS. I leave the lights on all the way through, I am doing this right?

    Now, regular, I am pretty good for 3rd serious grow, have tried PPP for the first time, this round and I really like these fella's, they seem so full at one month in veg, I was hoping for 2-3 foot, but they look so so busy, I think I will probably turn them to flower at 18 inches.

    I am giving up on AF, just do not get more than 10-12 grams at best... Too expensive for that, seeds and energy. I have enough seeds left of Dwarf Mix and Diesel Ryder, I am going to do those with Floro and 2 Gen LEDs from start to finish and see if I get any better luck
  7. dgsgandalf

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    I grew some LR2 autoflowering plants. They grew from 14-18 inches tall. I had them on a 24/0 light cycle under a 400w MH and they still took a little longer than they're supposed to. With serious heat problems (95 degrees F) and a mite issue that i had to fix, i still yielded around 18g per plant dry. I was growing in soil too, not hydro. Not sure if that has any effect or not...

    I put up a grow log for the grow. You might wanna check it out...


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