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    whats up guys im starting a grow in a stealth grow box i made, i orderd 3 autoflowers, auto purple, auto skunk mass, and auto bio deisel, then i got two free northern lights x big bud. I have dyna gro grow and dyna gro bloom what kind of feeding schedule should i go with for these nutes because i cant find anything on auto nutes feeding schedule.......Any help would be great thanks guys!!:Rasta:
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    I'd give it a dose of grow after a month or so from when it sprouts and then a shot of the bloom about 2 weeks later. They're autos... how long do ya think they're gonna go? 2 months... that's about it... so if you're starting with good, new, fresh soil to begin with, you shouldn't need a bunch of ferts. If you were gonna veg for 2 months and then go into 12/12, then you'd actually really need some ferts... If you're using something like Fox Farm's Ocean Forest all you probably need to do is water it occasionally. Autos finish up pretty quick and most people don't get much yield off of 'em (which is why they don't suck up a lot of nutes) so I wouldn't worry about it if I was you. You could end up killin' it with kindness if you over-fertilize... you do know that, right? :thumbsup: OK, just checkin'.... :)
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    It is best to give those auto plants 1/2 or 1/4 the nutes and I usually start with 1/8 and work them up to 1/2 of the required amount that is recommended on the bottle, but as Plantguardian told, they usually are ready in two months, so you don't need to fertilize them as much, and if you get some nutrient burn than every day the little plant is stunned you will decrease your end yield, so be careful!
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    I'm so glad I found this thread. I'm also growing auto's. I grew auto's over the winter in Miracle Grow with a 90 watt LED and I was seeing what looked like nutrient burn on the leaf tips. Nothing too serious but it was there.

    So now I'm doing auto's during the warm months. This time I have regular organic potting soil with no ferts added. You guys think I should just plant, water and harvest? I was thinking of adding some Osmokote as the label said it had 19% nitrogen. I was thinking high nitrogen was good. Also, I hear about CO2 a lot. I can get chunks of Dry Ice from the supermarket, put it in a styrofoam cooler and just run a very short dryer vent hose to the plants. With The weight of the CO2 it should slowly drift down to the plants. My auto' will go 9-10 wks. I'm also going to try my Aerogarden in tandem just to compare. I may also try some outdoor in tandem also. It's a learning experience. So far I've learned that LED's work and in very sub optimal temps too. I need to see what works best. Anyone have other thoughts on this? Also, I sent some seed to a friend in another state through US mail. Bad idea? or probably ok? whattaya think?
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    What kind of medium are you growing in, gmen4life? I would grow in a quality organic potting soil (or a store brand soil with added earth worm castings) and use one nutrient product, a dry, water soluble bloom mix like General Hydroponic's Maxi-Bloom or Earth Juice's Rainbow Mix Bloom. Once the plant is three weeks old use a water-water-feed schedule, letting the top 3" (7 cm) soil dry out. Depending on your water source you may need a little cal/mag supplement. Stop feeding the last week or two before harvest.

    That's my way. There are other ways but this is easy and works very well.
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    I found some great potting soil at TSC. Generic all organic and has no added nutes but does have perilite. It feel really good. My auto's should love it.

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