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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by JamaicanHerbMan, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. JamaicanHerbMan

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    Has anyone used any of these machine to trimmer there bud? Big Red Shredder or Trimbox herb trimmer. If so how much time does it take to trim a lbs of SOG single cola buds and do you still need to hand trimmer after? Any cons and pros will be helpful. And which who you recommend and why? :Rasta:
  2. stinkyattic

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    For a wet pound hand-trimming is still more desirable IMHO because 1) that pound is going to lose most of its weight and isn't really THAT much bud 2) a skilled hand-manicure will give you a much more attractive finished product
  3. madeline

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    Personally I can't see using anything but hand scissors. The name of that first one you mention says it all...Shredder! I take pride in my flowers and trim them close which how i picture power scissors working would do just the opposite and leave me with a pile of trim ready for nothing better than the bubblebags. Buy a case of beer and have a trim party!

    And a pound of green buds will dry out to be around 4-5oz's so it won't take you all that long to do it yourself.
  4. JamaicanHerbMan

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    Actually i was thinking about a pound dry, not wet how long does it take to hand trim to get apound dry? I've always had trimmers but next round i'll have to do most of it myself. I was just curious because i saw someone saying it toke them 10hr to do 1.5 lbs of finished dry bud. And would it be easier to manicure single main cola instead of a topped plant with lost of side cola's?:Rasta:
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    It takes about 13 to18 hours to trim up a lb. A person is doing ok at one ounce a hour. I pay my manicurists $200 per lb. I know people who are using the automated trimmers,say it works. Some these days are taking in easily over 50 lbs. especially since people are getting more into depro's (cutting plants light forcing flower)few crops a year.
  6. zihowie

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    Id be too afraid of losing all those yummy thc chrystals, but then again you could scrape them together and have kief like that. So kief on the buds or off? your choice.
  7. maximum420

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    you guys suck at triming because i trim a pound an hour and its a perfect job just use the sisor lenght ways on the bud, dont cut leaf by leaf and try to be fuking sober !
  8. humboldtlocal

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    The Tumbleweed is the only way to trim alot of weed.

    The Tumbleweed is the only way to trim alot of weed. I will never hire timmers again. What a waste of money, time, and my security. The Tumbleweed and the Samurai Power Trimmer are the same machine. Check out the video on youtube and see for your self. You can trim 100lbs in a day. YouTube - Samurai Power Trimmer
    Greatest invention since birth control.:thumbsup: If you want one on the west coast the dudes in Humboldt that sell them are called Trim Scene Solutions 707-223-3873 This machine is better than the Rolling Thunder, The reel pro trimmer, any of the trim pros, and it is half the price of the Centurion. It has put all of the other trim machines out of business in Canada. They have sold hundreds of them up there. If you call any of the Hydro shops in Canada that sell them they will tell you that the Tumbleweed is the best.:Rasta:
  9. killerweed420

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    Nobody trims a pound an hour. Unless you're just removing fan leaves and not giving them a close tight trim.
  10. zlessley

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    I'm slow..

    I don't know what the weight is but it usually takes my wife and I a night to do a solid 3-4' indoor plant...
  11. the image reaper

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    I got yer grower/trimmer !

    right here: :S2:

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    ROFLMAO!!!! But it kinda makes the vehicle undriveable, I hope he won't need to make a quick getaway!!
  13. Phukovsky

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    Putting Trimmers Out of Business in Canada?

    Just wanted to point out that the Tumbleweed hasn't put all other trimmers out of business. The Twister Machine is very popular in Canada and has a growing customer base in the US. Check out this vid on youtube. This ain't your grandpa's trimmer...
  14. humboldtlocal

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    I got to see this machine next to the Tumbleweed and it has some major improvements. A very well built machine. It actually makes the Tumbleweed look like some Chinese made crap. The biggest problem with the Tumbleweed is the blades are very hard to adjust. It is hard to get it even on both sides. The Twister has self sharpening blades and they adjust with clickers. A very precise adjustment. Also the Twister is easier to clean and the whole thing is waterproof so you can pressure wash every inch of it. I am getting one in a couple weeks and will post a report but from what I have seen already this looks like the best trimmer out there.
  15. fourkicks

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    i prefer HAND JOBS.its alot more pleasing :)
  16. greensticks

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    Is there anywhere in San Fran to buy a Twister? I have a similar trimmer but would like a upgrade. I think having 2 will only make it that much faster.
  17. humboldtlocal

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    The Twister dealer in Nor Cal is called Trim Scene Solutions.
    Trim Scene Solutions
    Because there is already a shortage of them he is the only dealer in Cali that can get them between now and fall time. I have one on order but it is still a couple weeks out. I also have a Tumbleweed but need two machines also.
  18. humboldtlocal

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    With two machines you can put them back to back so it goes through one and straight into the next. Because it is like doing two runs through the machine you can run the weed through much faster. This is how they do it in Canada and that is why they say they are doing 10 lbs per hour.
  19. allinat420

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    Beware of all the forum hype

    Beware of all the forum hype guys,

    I just posted this on another thread but i laid down 15k for one of these twister trimmers a while back based on the forum hype and a few you tube videos and a lot of BS is being spread by the guys making these and selling these. They look really cool on you tube but the fact is they do a lot of damage to your much that they cut down on your finished bud weight...and then they dont to that great of a job so you have to do a second trim once dry by hand anyway...crows feet is understatement.

    They cut off the nodes growing off the bud as they trim the leaves. No one would up with a manual trimmer who lobs pieces off their precious matter how fast he is..well these mechanical trimmers are doing that at grand scale.

    Look how often the Cali seller for these is mentioned in these supposed user reviews.

    Its misleading...if they want to advertise their product they should buy addspace on usually when i look to a forum i am looking for end user feedback..not seller hype. I am ok when people say upfront they are the manufacturer and are here to answer questions..but i dont like when a manufacturer or seller pretends to be a end user and gives a sales pitched disguised as an unbiased review.

    All of these machines..the samurai, the tumbleweed, the centurion, the rolling thunder, the green machine (great names by the way) are based on the same design which i feel was designed mainly to look good on youtube. I believe rolling thunder was the first one..the innovator..and then a bunch of other guys just ripped off their design..there is very little difference in how these machines function. So why not just wait until china rips off one of these designs and sells them direct on ebay for 2k.

    Why is it that these things have been around for atleast three years and you cant find a definitive review from any reliable source. If these things are so "revolutionary" where is the freakin high times review? I mean they look awesome as shit..they make good cover photo where is the reviews?

    I will give a quick user review here as i did in another thread at the risk of being flamed by the varous sellers and manufacturers lingering here...everyone knows that mechanical machines like the trim pro etc speed things up..but do a mediocre job that will need to be retrimmed by hand for a finished look anyway. These tumbler based machines are definitely built for large quantity, otherwise who would spend the big bucks, lug these things around (HIGH profile), store these at their grow (did i mention high profile), go through the hassle of cleaning them etc for anything under 100lbs..but i think even large growers expect great trim quality...why go through the hassle and expense of growing good bud only to get lazy at end with a machine to save a little time at the last minute. And if these things are all over humbolt which one user claims why is the only place you seem to be able to spot one is on youtube?

    Also you need to a completely different drying procedure..drying on racks instead of drying on the stem, and you get an inferior finished product just based on this. Totally different look, smell and taste.

    Buyer beware before plunking down 15k for one of these monstrosities.

    The best thing they are good for is blowing away your friends when you show up at the trim party with one of these in the back of your pickup and a case of beers. You roll that monster in crushing the trim pros under its caster wheels. The manual trimmers which just sit around going "wow". They are BIG and impressive looking and make a helluva impressive entrance at the trim party, but whether they are even better than a trimpro is debatable.. at least with trimpro you can dry on the stem and they are low profile and portable...oh and are not as noisy as shit. Notice on the youtube videos they play music on the soundtrack instead of letting you hear how loud that beast is.

    I bought based on forum hype (mostly from this thread) and got burned..i am just putting out the warning to others.

    Stick with good ole scissors and manual labor...and beer. If the guys at the trim party really love you they will be cool even if you just show up with just beer.
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  20. humboldtlocal

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    I know my friend "the Cali Seller" would probably buy it from you. There is such a demand for them that he has a long waiting list to get them. Where did you buy your machine from? Did they offer to buy it back from you or offer you any advice on having better luck with it? It almost sounds like you are trying to hype up the TrimPro's.
    I dry my stuff on the collapsible nylon dry racks and it doesn't hurt my quality at all you just cant overload them.

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