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    Does anybody still use old fashion timers, with old computer around. Why would anybody us a a timer , when you can set up to 8 channels with a printer port relay $36 to $120 and a controler program likd relayrunner.With over 15 plus years of using a computer with one failure,(dam compute battery went bad the same day as the power went out) It has a restart thats part of the program. Do a search for relayrunner, it has a free test , so you can start it up , under emulation mode , make all your programs , save them , and your set.
    Note you can have up to 256 different relay with 5 control times.
    8 channels work great mod 74 printer relay.
    Do to time problems with Windows you may be off a few seconds so remember to allow a late crop of 10 seconds. Unless you have the computer call the time thing , then your crop will not be 10 seconds late. For a fail safe thing change computer battery at Christmas, blow 3 buck on your crop.
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    Just picked up a 8 channel recorder for the system.
    This saves lots of problems
    What is the co2 average, and what happen if I go in the room to work
    What is the water temp and times , that way you will know if everything is working
    What is the room temp, are fans working, are lights working at max output, did the tank refill ,and is full.
    Having grown next to narks and cops , you can not run to the grow space.
    You want things to happen when noise will not be a problem, refilling tanks at 3:00 am. Venting room max to reduce total room temp. Mine is done at 3:00 to 5:30 to make max effect of cooler air.
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    Sanclem- what are you using for hardware?

    Interface/relay board, x10?


    I wanna clone your rig ;)
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    I've entertained the idea of using a PC to control a grow op- I have several relay cards for a PCI bus laying around due to my line o' work.

    However, I decided use timers, both mechanical and digital for one reason- their operating systems don't crash! :D
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    BTW, I've seen folks use the X-10 stuff quite successfully as the X-10 control unit responsible for doing the tasks is only accessed by a PC to program it. The X-10 control module deals with the instructions on its own- and is much more stable than a PC.
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    0.000057 % failure rate of a window computer

    I use 2 types
    1 a printer port 74- relay box
    1 pci relay card
    Using relayrunner, Now the systems have been groiwing for over 12 years now and only had one failure. The computer backup battery went out the same day a power outage.
    I just figure when Christmas comes I install a new computer battery.
    With 3 know systems, 16 events per day That 36 years of 16 controls per day and one failure.
    Note relayrunner has a restart at current time if the power failures. The only failure is the computer battery.
    If your real paronoide about system crashing use a battery backup on the computer.
    note the mean time between failures was 17520 to 1. About 0.000057 % failure rate.
    If only windows is running with only Relayrunner , on a junk computer not much can happen.
    note x-10 uses a control that florsents and mag ballast will cause a glich that will turn things on and off. As hard wired control is as safe as it gets.
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    Will be showing two ways to fill and drain tanks

    Most of my systems are resivore is in the ground , the best system because it keeps the water cooler. ;););)

    Do to problem of not being able to do that and put the holding tank 100 gallon feed troug (cattel tank):thumbsup:
    You need to add one more step in the filling , empting. The in the ground way just uses gravity,(that never failed)
    All is need is one more step in the filling process and one more pump, and controler. I have used it in a real small system and it worked with out a problem.
    If anybody would like the plans just ask:thumbsup:
    Automation makes so much easer , you can grow and leave the grow on its own for a month at a time.
    Data taken , tanks filled , fill times, ph and pm , water temp,light working, sun circles working,pumps working and the best part it all simple wiring.
    It makes a great system , as long as you use duck tape to keep you mouth shut. NEVER TELLING ANY BODY.
    Even the narks say I have the best system and the judge commented on it.
    with a med permit, takes away some of the excitment .
    I even have a system to tell if cops are in the neighborhod
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    I'd love to see them, man.

    Yeah, it's just not the same if you're not being naughty...
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    I had so wired that I could tell when the cops were in the neighborhood.
    Which was rough sometimes as a nark lived next door.
    You gota love the technology (sp) of todays toys.
    note the x10 2.4 gig camera recievers would go bonkers when cops keyed there body senders. Download relayrunner and see how easy it is, its has a fail safe feature's so a moron can set it up.
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    Relay control has worked from the Old days of DOS and batch files.
    You would think people would like to up date from the 1970's to future of pot automation.
    Chicken shit worked back in the 1800's should work in 2000's and with old or new free range chicken shit, both have weeds.
    Pinching you plants to get more nodes worked the same way back in the 1970's
    Hydro buckets are still the same size, ppm and ph have not changed.
    Just a relay to put this back to the top, and open up some ones thinking.
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    I now understand why you have not redirected your enthusiasm for growing indoors into a psychotic impulse to collect rare orchids.
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    I forgot to note that solid state relays can be big enough to drive 50 amps or more or 5 1000 watters. Remember that larger < 20 amps require a heat sink. A larger metal box with tem grease works great.
    Just did some regular house work with x-10 but the hid lights and florsent light cause the x-10 to go on or off. NFG if you depend on them for the growing of the happy weed.
    Grow for piece and be happy , Peace is just a way for a hippy to get layed. Ass for grass , be happy
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    Wow... OldSanClem, hello there! :)
    Hello Stinky. Hello rhizome.

    SanClem, just saw this for the first time.
    Very interested in this.
    When I used the X10 system, it definitely wasn't running "perfect".
    Sometimes it would skip a beat.
    It would fail to turn ON something... or fail to turn OFF another thing.
    That could/would turn out into disaster.

    I'm looking at this site for the RelayRunner.

    And I see they have a hardware section.

    Would you mind if we run over a basic setup here?
    Say we already have the computer and the software installed.
    What would be needed?

    I see a PC Printer Port Relay Board CK1601, which I believe is the one you use... yes? No?
    So,... sorry, but I'm lost.
    How do you connect, say a 1,000W ballast to the board?
    Is there an additional relay box? Or do the 110volts go 'into' that card inside the computer?
    I see the card is 'capable of switching' 240VAC/5A.
    Still I'm lost.

    OldSanClem, thanks man. Much appreciated.
    Much interested in taking a deeper look at this.

    One final question:::
    What board do you use for 'feedback'?
    You say you record pH, ppm, etc. ...
    With what? How do you connect the pH meter (which one?) to the computer?

    Well, there... a barage of questions. :)
    Thanks again.

    Best to all,

    -turtle420 :cool:
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  14. oldsanclem

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    I use both types of output printer and pci
    input is a DATAQ 4 channel and a 16 channel
    Output from co2 are Millivolts per PPm
    Output from ph and ppm same
    Output from a voltage divider and wall powersupply plugin DC
    Lamp check from a car solar cell
    Relay radio shack 12 volt 15 amp
    Solid stare relays used from Ebay 3-12 volt
    Its all basic electric stuff , real basic
    The printer port works great remember to change the computer battery out every year Xmas to new years is when I do it so I do not forget.
  15. Zcomp

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    I am that "moron" but I do understand this whole post. Except this... How can I rig a cop detector?? I have a few spare Pentiums and I'm really interested in that security. If I'm reading you right then your picking up the signal from there body senders?? I gotta have that tech. I've been slacking on my tech updates for a few years now.
  16. oldsanclem

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    How to tell if the cops are close

    The cops have a system where the cop, is called on his personal body reciever. All they do is press the button to send a signal back to the station they are ok.
    Now the x-10 camerss send at 2.4 g hz , here how it works.
    The police body reciever when it send the signal back it causes interferance to the camers. The screen has a bunch of static on it, because the cops are close, when they tranmitt. I used a normal tv with , tv, 2 input visual and sound. (most new tv have this feature)
    Now heres how you can tell they are close the screen has lots and lots of static.
    I had narks living right next to a large grow room. YOU NEVER put a 2.4 gh camera in a room , you hard wire a camera.
    The program relayrunner has a way to kill the program, with either a signal from a switch or when you take your computer and hit a sign on the screen. I have a switch between computers so the grow system is never on the screen. Except when I'm programing it or looking at data from Dataq .
  17. Zcomp

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    brilliant.. Why didn't I know that trick already?? so 2.4 Ghz is there signal range, then that means that there's a whole host of ways to detect these guys first. but what about other 2.4GHz interference like certain phones and I think some wireless networks??
  18. oldsanclem

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    To find out the total interferance you would need a high freq scope. I think there about $10,000 Buy one and let us know. I just know about the cops interferance , just by the screw up tv screen ,when recieving stuff from the x-10 camera.
    The interferance can be caused by a reflection from anything , by harmonice etc. Even a solder joint or wire in alignment. High freq is a art of all the parts.
    I guess you can build a antenna to pick up the freq of the cops. But then new systems are digital and scrambled. The personal rec/trans are not as high tec as the ground base units.
    Note I found out by the cops living next door, so it was easy, I would know they were home by the monitor disturbances.
  19. Zcomp

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    Sure man :) I just ordered my high freq. scope on ebay(only $9,999 after shiping lol). :S2:

    I do have a couple cop friends so I'll do some testing on some diff. equipment until I can get hold of the x-10.
    Thanks man, I love the internet.
  20. turtle420

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    yet more questions... :)

    Hey oldSanClem,

    Thanks for all the help! :)

    I think I have a better understanding of the setup now.

    So, this is the card I need to buy to hard-wire the stuff.

    Question, if I'm using this card, the PCI-PDISO16... ok, I'm going to use that for inputs.
    But, the sensors... do I use the ones I've got now?
    I've got a Hanna in-line monitor... ppm, pH, temp, etc.
    It has two probes.
    Can I just splice the probes' cables into the PCI-PDISO16?
    Or do I have to buy one probe for each input into the PCI-PDISO16?

    Thanks for answering the n00b questions!
    Much, much appreciated!

    Best Regards,

    -turtle420 :cool:

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