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    Ive seen these things and they seem like a cheap, electricity saving form of hydroponics. Has any1 ever used these and if so are they worth the while? Guy in the hydro shop said that if im used to soil then best stick to it but this concept intrigues me.
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    Unless you intend to run a correct Hempy Bucket (a similar concept to an autopot, but made from scratch to accomodate the needs of cannabis), stick to hand-watering. Autopots keep the soil too moist, are hard to flush, have crappy drainage, etc etc etc. I've seen enough people fail using them to say steer clear.
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    Hey what about the oxypot? That looks good to me, i've seen good results from dwc but don't wanna make my own.
  4. stinkyattic

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    DWC is different from an autopot system. It's TOTALLY perfect for indoor cannabis. Actually, it's so outrageously cheap and easy to make your own DWC that once you buy one, you will go AWW YEAH I SEE HOW THIS WORKS and be able to copy (and improve!) it like some of the members here have done. I'm not sure how closely you follow Weedhound and xcrispi and treetops' logs, but they all have neat DWC examples shown.
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    Yeah the autopots a drip system isn't it? Whereas the oxypot gives the plants oxygen rich water by way of an airstone. Sorry I should of said they was a different system, just thought he might be interested as they're quite cheap to buy in the shops, suitable for just one plant like the autopot and give good results from what i've read. (well dwc does) I take it the oxypot in particular doesn't have any flaws you're aware of? Yeah i've read a couple of dwc grow logs but can't remember which ones. I know i was reading one of xcrispi's where he grew a monster plant, but thats not something i'm interested in (i've not got the space or lights for beasts like them lol and like you was saying the other day too much timber isn't efficient ;) Have these oxypots or other similar sized dwc systems got a place when going for the a good gram to watt ratio? You ever heard of a sog dwc?
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    I think i'll just stick with the basic. cheers for the info guys
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    hempys are the easiest by far.

    no checking ph if you get the GH nutrients., no EC checking since there is no dirt and you flush every other day or once a week, only use perlite and re use it., i can not see what you would want a bubble or oxy bucket when its un forgiving and the hempys grow in the same speed!

    best part is you can make a hempy from a 5 to 8 liter water bottles, and even mini hempys from 1.5 liter bottles, punch holes with a pen, add perlite, GH nutrients, a decent light and a fan and bam, your done.
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