Average cost for an Oz?

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by JokerIsWild777, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. JokerIsWild777

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    Trying to figure out what the average price for an Oz of medical MJ is going for.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. martyrprojekt

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    Depends on the quality and how it was grown.

    $175-$250 is the usual price for High end outdoor. All depends on the strain...and quality.

    $225-$350 is usually the price for High end indoor. All depends on the strain...and quality.

    Hope that helps.
  3. 4harley

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    if your in a mmj state dont even think about going to a mmj collective or co-op.your average price is 40-60 a 1/8th=320-480 a oz.
    im a mmj patient and i let my outdoor grow go for 150-200 a zip.
  4. DobbieDoo

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    I live in Fla and the prices i hear quoted are about the same as for a state that has yet to embrace MMJ. We all thought that with the legalization of MJ it would at least provide a reflective cost to price. Perhaps it just goes to show how many poeple were growing and selling when it wasn't legal.
  5. 4harley

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    coops are screwin people because they know they can get away with it.
    mmj people like me are helping other mmj patients for 150-200 a zip.outdoor grown,good flavor and organicaly grown.
  6. dozier

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    im in need of a good grower can you help me
  7. kb9vny

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    Just my opinion...

    These prices are just way too low. For a grower to survive we really need $400 per oz. That's just the way that it is. If you compare what you are getting relative to other off the shelf products you'll see that growers are receiving a pittance that barely feeds them for their labors. I don't mean to be rude here but I know that a lot of people who provide premium product are going away from the movement because we are not supporting our own with fair trade type agreements.
  8. Wheeelman

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    I have lived out that way and seen lots of bud...also lived in a college town which usually attracts the best in the area. It isn't the same bud they grow in California. The the few time I saw purple it wasn't dense to say the least, no trichs, etc.

    Vast majority, not near the quality. But I will say some of the best bud I have seen out there has come from the hills of North Carolina.
  9. khyberkitsune

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    "For a grower to survive we really need $400 per oz."

    No, you need to learn to grow more efficiently and more sustainably. I've been to co-ops, the amount of waste involved is staggering and shameful.

    I spend about $12 to produce an ounce of AA medical. Your average co-op price is $80 to produce an ounce.

    And that's using indoor lighting versus the co-ops using the free sunlight.
  10. Groundup

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    its expensive to do it right, period. i have had bunk product ,by big growers, small crops with tons of attention makes AA. i'm tired of these smokers wining about growers, they want there pot year round, and mother nature says NO. then smokers wine when they pay 300-400 for a zip. put a price tag on it,power,research, chemicals ,its a job, not everybody can do it !!
  11. FrederickBaroh

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    Seduced by complexity.

    $400 is about top end of the illegal street market, and that via multiple middle men. A grower thinking they are going to get that is nigh about delusional. A grower is going to be selling by the pound, kilo or more. You can't sit on it for months waiting for the best market. I would estimate that there is about a 6 month window from harvest to point where the product is no longer of desirable use. Medical cannabis has enabled a smaller distribution chain between grower and consumer, at least potentially, but the seller is probably doing 100% mark up so an oz. that goes for $350 probably pays the grower about $175 or less. Most of these operations tend to work hand in glove with a grower (same people) so they are obviously making more.

    If growing cannabis isn't a full time job, you shouldn't expect to have your entire livelihood subsidized by doing it. And lets be realistic, agricultural labor is some of the lowest paid work out there. There is competition from illegal grow operations, at least for the non medical. They have to compete too, and since the illegal market has shrunk in Medical MJ States, prices have fallen.

    If Cannabis is made legal in Cali and other states, I'd expect considerable decline in prices.
  12. khyberkitsune

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    "If Cannabis is made legal in Cali and other states, I'd expect considerable decline in prices. "

    Given Cali's proposed tax, it will still be cheaper to grow it yourself if you have access to the proper technology.
  13. Graywolf

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    The free market price is always what the market will bear. Locally it has fallen from ~$250/oz wholesale on the BM, to about $160, (as I understand it).

    ~320/oz used to be about normal, and I have paid up to $400/oz retail when times were tough, but never when product was readily available. I always hated and avoided the dealer who took advantage of the diminished supply and raised his prices accordingly.

    In fact, it was such a dealer who told me to take some substandard wet product at $400/oz, or leave it, that led me to bite the bullet, step out of the closet, and seek a medical card.

    Before retirement, I made my living in a technical trade, but if I was making my living growing, I would want at least $400/oz. $100,000 a quarter ounce would be better, but then who would buy my product?

    In Oregon, we are only allowed to recover expenses, which as has already been noted are relative low per ounce once you exclude labor. Since the quality is demonstratable stellar, the question then is why would you donate your labor and the answer has nothing to do with supporting ourselves from the proceeds.
  14. 420goodfu

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    If this so called legalization bill passes the price most likely will not change,

    What will change is dispensaries only buying from licensed commercial growers. Home grown will be for personal mj patients consumption and can not be sold to a dispensary.
  15. cybmas

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    I disagree

    These new laws are in addition to existing mmj laws. As a private grower there is nothing prohibiting me from continuing to lawfully provide mmj to my collective.

    Additionally the new law says retailers can only sell legally obtained mj, and as far as I have seen there is no restriction on a not for profit, legal dispensary's selling of said product to legal customers. As it stands right now to be a legal customer you need a medical card. When that requirement is removed, someone please show me where it says dispensaries cannot sell their legally obtained mj to non medicals who become legals if this passes.

    It is possible that for a period of time the fact that dispensarys are the only ones able to amass large quantities of product, coupled with the lack of prohibitions in place on the legal sale to legal customers could lead to a short boon period in dispensaries. In a way it would almost make sense to distribute to both customer bases from the same locations from a monitoring and oversight standpoint.
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  16. 420goodfu

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    Reading other material about Prop 19 it seems the dispensaries may turn into the 711's for med mj. While at home growers who sell now to dispensaries can not sell to them after Prop 19, home growers can still supply other mj patients as a non profit. This may effect some and not others depending where the grower decides to supply mj patients.
  17. stormin94

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    I agree with it being cheaper to grow yourself(always has been/ will be). The tax will drive prices higher , cut into profit margins, but likely both. If the state taxes it 25% or even $100 an ounce ( which is not at all unlikely), the clubs will have to raise their prices( but likely only about half of the taxed amounts will be reflected in the final price). The clubs will probably still operate at the same profit margin , and basically just pay the supplier a lower amount (probably $75 or less an ounce) and sell it for more than they charge now ($350-450+ which reflects the clubs pricing plus 25% or up to $100 in taxes)

    this will force smaller high quality operations out of business in favor of generic mid grade(branded as "high quality" ) huge operations. The vast majority would be the "generic" bud, and the superior quality from the small growers that we've grown accustomed to would become extremely scarce and not readily available.

    In it's current state, the market has grown to benefit the consumer. Quality has increased steadily, yet prices for the consumers have pretty much stayed the same, if not decreased.

    The way the market is right now is probably the best thing to keep drug cartels from taking over, since people seem to want excellent quality in California, and if your stuff doesn't make the cut your gonna be stuck with it and really, really stoned, which isn't all that bad, and that makes everyone a winner, except the cartels who will have togrow their crap somewhere else, sell it cheap and send less money to the cartels, or leave the state entirely in search of "greener" pastures.
  18. 4harley

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    way 2 much analitical thinking

    god,every weed buyer and seller has got a opinion,but FULL OF SHIT.all this paranoia of how it was grown,what nutes was used and what wasnt.heres the real deal for all you out of calis.1200-2000 a pound.the ignorence and full of shit talkers who think they know what they are talkin about on this thread arnt from cali.i feel sorry for anyone who is payin more.people from the bay area are rapists.3000-5000 a pound just because they grew it indoors.
    heres the difference between indoors and outdoor grown weed.1-2 deep hits more of med grade weed grown with quality nutes.you can go to someones house and smoke some tarry high thc weed grown indoors with all the right nutes at the perfect timming and get just as high the next day smoking outdoor grown weed but 2-4 more hits[probably has more flavor]and bee just as high.
    you can take one hit of purple kush or bubba kush vs. 3-4 hits of outdoor grown afghani and its hard to tell the difference.high is high.god-everyone makes a issue out of everything.everything is analitical.of course most people responding are guys.that explanes it.think about it.the weed of the 60-70s is the same afghani today.genetics do not change-only cross genetics do.
    jees,all this analitical bullshit.
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  19. Ub3rB0ng

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    I couldnt agree more:jointsmile:
  20. Wheeelman

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