Average flowering time/Trichome growth

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by PrideOfCucamonga, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. PrideOfCucamonga

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    I was wondering if there is an average flowering time for most cannabis. From what ive been reading i would think about 65 days, 9 weeks? When do you guys usually harvest? I have been taking down my plants when 50-10% of the trichomes are amber, and about half of the pistils have dried out. I have one more question, my one plant has been growing really fast and i had to tie down the branches while in my 3rd week of flowering. The bent branches are showing very nice trichome growth. And it seems most of the lower budsites have better trichome coverage than the tops of the plant0. The buds closest to my 150w CFL's have hardly any trichome coverage but are fat as hell! Could this be due to the heat generated by my CFL's? my other plant has nice trichome coverage all over the plant, especially the tops. Thanks for any help!
  2. Tomthehippie

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    there isnt really a general cannabis flowering time.. there’s to many strains, not for getting types. Indica flowers earlier, sativa generally flowers later then there’s ruderalis that are auto flowering and not for getting Afghanica. :)
  3. Tomthehippie

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    Are the tops slightly crispy or dry to the touch if so.. your light might be to close as u suggested. :)
  4. PrideOfCucamonga

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    The tops are not really crispy, but the leaves near the lights are curling down. I have never seen a plant that grows trichomes on lower branches but refuses to sprout any up-top on the colas.
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    9-10 weeks are average for most strains with a few earlier and a few more later. I don't look at pistils at all but rely on trichomes to judge when to harvest. I wait until 10% or so have turned amber-red or longer if for making hash (nothing like red bubblehash!). Relying on pistils can cause probs as they are easily affected by environment and many times turn way too soon.

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