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    Hi all,

    I know the "how long until I'm clean?" question is frowned upon here, but I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what the normal metabolic rate of thc is? For example, what are the normal thc rates for heavy smokers at any given time? I am asking because I sent in results for a home drug test and it came back with a positive result with 70 ng/ml in my urine. That was a week and a day ago. So I guess my question would be how long does it USUALLY take to metabolize and extrete the last 20 ng/ml needed to be below the cutoff for standard drug tests? I've done tons of research and haven't found anything close to the answer I'm looking for. A little background--I'm 25 years old, weigh about 205-210, was a heavy smoker (multiple times daily), and workout nearly every day.

    Thanks in advance!
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    ps--been clean for 65 days now.
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    The reason why your searches drew a blank is because THC metabolic rates vary from time to time and from user to user.

    Periodic home testing is the only realistic way to obtain your answer.

    When testing yourself, be sure to use the first urination of the day.
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    I remember reading somewhere that for a heavy user, average elimination was10 days to cut levels in half? But it will vary for everyone so you need to keep testing. Order some cheap tests from ebay or go to Walmart, cheapest ones I found at around $12 each for THC only.

    Check your first void in the morning. I know I came up dirty on first void and then drank 2 glasses of water and got a negative. This was after 24 days clean and heavy daily use for years.

    Good luck.
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  5. jma4562

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    I understand the rate is different for everyone depending on a number of variables; however, I just wanted to know what the "average" thc levels were for someone who is a heavy user at a time of usage. For instance, what would a likely thc level be while using (200 ng/ml, 300 ng/ml, etc)? I know that it is not a simple answer, I'm just looking for a estimate so I can understand how long it may take to rid myself of 20 ng/ml until I reach the cutoff level of 50 ng/ml. Just an estimation is all I was wanting...
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    There are way too many variables to take into consideration to even arrive at an estimate.

    Again, periodic home testing would give you a realistic answer - far more realistic that speculative estimations from me, or anyone else here for that matter.
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    I understand that there are many variables that go into the metabolism of thc. I'm not asking "when will I get clean". Simply stated, I just wanted to know what the average levels of thc tend to be for someone who is a heavy user at the time of consumption, with no specific answers just an estimation. 300 ng/ml, 400 ng/ml, 500, more? Like if I were to smoke right now and then tested myself, what levels could I expect is what I'm trying to get an idea of is all...
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    Simply stated, you are asking the impossible. There are too many variables to factor in to arrive at an estimation. Thare are no "average levels" to determine because of the variables.

    Theres no way to determine your levels by using a home test kits anyway. Assays lack the ability to issue quantitative values.
    To obtain quantitative values, the sample would have to undergo GC/MS testing.

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