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    i have recently been hearing alot of talk about avid insecticide so doing some research i found information pertaining to it which i hope many read and find usefull.

    after hearing about it i went to to pick some up at the hydro store and my guy said he dont sellit cause its illegal in california. although some places do sell it.

    after that ill copy and paste this and you can decide for yourself


    much of the 'medical grade' marijuana that sells for 350-450 an oz here in West Amsterdam [Portland Oregon]
    is heavily contaminated with a pesticide known as AVID. AVID is an immune suppressant that takes medical-grade marijuana and turns it into poison for people with immune disorders wrought of CANCER or AIDS.

    THE willamette mite was supposedly introduced by the govern-meant of the yew-ess-aye to the PORTLAND OREGON AREA because they were unhappy with the medical marijuana program here. these mites are ubiquitous, contagious, and contaminate indoor and outdoor gardens up and down the coast.

    note: another blowback is that these mites are killing the new grapes that are making some of the best wines in the world...the new wines from Oregon are beautiful but the mtes destroy the grapes as well as cannabis.

    these fucking bugs are so tenacious.
    they eat marijuana like nobodies business
    many people think AVID is safe


    after relocating to Portland my first year smoking 350-450 an ounce BM marijuana, within twelve months i had pneumonia twice and received my first AIDS diagnosis. up until that time i had smoked nothing but long-fingered sativa from the Sonoran desert in Tucson, AZ...5/4 oz. for 75.00 a week, and the seeds were many but not much weight...good shit! not poisoned like this designer weed.


    we were trying an AIDS cocktail that had Fuzeon [2X daily sub-Q injection that feels like wasp venom] and i administered AVID to a crop two years ago and i became sick immediately. over the next three months i would get red-streaks on my arms from the leaves of the medical marijuana plants on my skin. AVID reacts with Fuzeon, as does another pesticide called "Frontline" for dogs and cats...but that's a toxic story for another time.

    it takes AVID three months of curing to go down to it's half-life. smart people who buy on the street don't smoke it until they have had it cured for three months, because the Chinese here buy houses and fill them with plants and cover them with AVID because of the mites, and all they need is a pretty product...I NEED MEDICINE. NOT POT THAT WILL KILL ME.


    so there is some things to think about. i want you to know so you can be safe
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    That seems a little far fetched to me! Did you find any other evidence to back this up?
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    I just searched for awhile and could not find any info saying that AVID is harmful in smaller doses. In large amounts sprayed directly on human beings for long periods of time there MAY BE nervous system damage. In fact most horticulturists use avid and agree that it is the most effective miticide on the market and not one of them mentions contracting aids from it!

    Before you make a fool of yourself try checking your sources.:wtf:
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    it doesnt say he contracted aids, it says he recieved a positive diagnosis.
    he already had the virus hiv it just became aids

    figure it out b4 u make a fool of yourself. dig deep in your research buddy im sure the company wont tell its gonna kill you they just say its for ornamental plants oh and what blows my mind is the lack of study on nervous system damage

    Dr. Russell Jaffe, apprised of Weirick's history, sees "a good chance that a hormone disrupter chemical is at work, perhaps along with its metabolite (epoxide, usually)."

    Dr. X comments: "Avid works as a GABA agonist. So if Jane was given any GABA-agonist medications she would have gotten worse (valium or other muscle relaxants, alcohol). If you go to Pubmed, you'll find lots of research that suggests THC decreases GABA in parts of the brain, so Jane's treatment makes sense!" check product label for this

    and read toxicology info

    the epa has special provisions on uses also

    and with a number of greedy unscrupulous business people penetrating into the mmj scene and not knowing or careing or dousing plants with these chemicals can cause major problems for mothers or people on certain meds

    and the last thing we need now is a study saying bad things about cannabis not to mention with a growing variety of ailments and medication and chemical reactions we dont yet know about.

    and most of all i dont want somebody to die from this shit. thats peoples medicine that were growing and if there is a chance of a side effect they should be made aware of it the same as with a pharmacist.
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    oh and remember since it doesnt breakdown for months youre smoking it not applying it and i never disputed its efficency it kills things great i will agree with that

    and as for horticuturist u should know commercial crop is kept and treated different than personal
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    I admit the first post sounded sketchy, especially with the conspiracy crap about the mites, but the toxicology report on this AVID stuff sounds scary enough to me. Definitely not something I would want to spray on anything I'm going to put in my body. Thanks for the info! :thumbsup::jointsmile:
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    Also, I'm interested in what you said about the Frontline and this Fuzeon. Is Fuzeon like an AIDS medication or something?
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    from what i gather fuzeon is an aids med that reacts with frontline flea stuff i guess

    this was just one.. there was another instance i read about with a female and brain tumors and a highly possible link and she worked daily manicuring plants treated with this insecticide.

    i have nothing to gain from this info except the peace of mind i get from helping inform others of something that started as an inquiry at my hydro store and they led me to look at it a little deeper and this is what i found

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