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Discussion in 'Music Room' started by rmrdr716, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. rmrdr716

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    just listened to the song by the kottonmouth kings and its unreal. i love the kottonmouth kings and couldnt believe ive never heard this song. if your a stoner you can relate lol. thats why i like it. listen, enjoy:thumbsup: look it up
    kottonmouth kings
    proud to be a stoner
  2. rmrdr716

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  3. EbelEyes

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    That was terrible.

    :jointsmile: To each his own.
  4. LIP

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    I'm very proud to be a stoner, and advertise the fact i smoke ganja where-ever i go, but that song aint exactly my cup of tea.
  5. 4.2O

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    its a good song.
    just got the album today.
    kottonmouth kings are amazing...12 year career based on songs about weed.
  6. jagarr

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    kmk is great if you like white boy rap like i do. ive been to many of their shows, fun stuff. pennywise is on their label (SRH) now. i think like half of my tshirts are SRH, haha.

    a lot of people think its garbage but i like it. 'older' stoners definitely hate it. its really for suburbs kids i guess. i know my whole life i was lead in one linear suburb defined direction like do good in school to get in high track public HS classes (what a joke), do good in HS to goto college, do good in college to get a high paying job, do good in 1 job to get a better job, then retire and die. what a bummer though, everyone figures out thats a sham after a while. kmk raps about that a lot.
  7. StickyfingahZ

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    SOunds pretty cool,thanks.
  8. McLeodGanja

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    Can't listen to it right now, but I agree with the sentiment. I just spent a few hours last night on another forum having a debate which then turned into an argument over whether or not sugar is bad for you. Apparrently it doesn't rot your bones, that's right sugar ain't bad for you- but cannabis is. Even medical patients should not be granted the right to smoke it because of the supposed health problems some people suffer as a result of smoking it. I dunno why I go to that forum, I'm a glutton for punishment, maybe I thought I might actually be able to convince these bone heads they are wrong. These people are all university students as well. It just makes my blood boil the attitude of people towards us.

    But I will never surrender!
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  10. poseidon

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    no no.. not good at all..
  11. bhkjuggalotus

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    kmk is the shiznit. and Potluck
  12. surejam123

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    How about this one Your my Mary Jane, my Gal, my freind,
    I'll be with you until the end
    and wherever you Grow,
    I want you to know,
    Your my Big Bud, my Ganja, my freind.
  13. headhunchouk420

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    That's okay ishhhh but ain't got nothing on this
    A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
    But a friend with weed is better
    So if you want to get high
    Bring your own supply
    Or we will know you as a joker smoker!
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