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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by stevie c, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. stevie c

    stevie c Registered+

    So Ive been smoking for about 4 years now, and quite enjoy it, but Ive never had that definitive awesomely trippy weed experience. Well I finally got mine last week.

    It was last sunday, and I had a bunch of homework, papers and stuff that was due the next day. So I did what any responsible college student does in this situation: Popped an aderall and got down to business. The Patriots were on Monday night this particular week, so I didnt feel too bad missing the days slate of NFL game(Im from Massachusetts). Anyway spent the whole day in the library getting my papers done just in time to watch the Sox get eliminated:mad: and then layed in bed and prepared myself for the all nighter I always end up pulling after a day where I take adderal. Layed in bed, caught up on some Entourage episodes, and before I knew it it was 5 AM. Im tired at this point and I had class at 8 so I was trying to tihnk what to do keep going until then and I remembered how Ive always told myself it would be cool to blaze and watch the sun rise. Ive heard it looks very nice on the East coast and i figured I might as well take advantage of it and now was the time. So i got up showered and drove about 20 minutes to the closest beach to my campus. I smoked a little on the way over and had a nice joint prepared for when I arrived. I parked on the beach in a nice spot with a clear view of where the sun would be rising and some great scenery all around. I sat there and smoked my j in my car while watching the sunrise and listening to my Hendrix CD. I gotta tell you, it was my best weed experience besides the 1st time i smoked. I was absolutley trippin out watchin the clouds move and the waves crash against the rocks, the rays of the sun starting to slip out and shine down on the ocean and listening to Jimi. It was like I forgot about everything and was just totally immersed in what was around me. Man, it was awesome, an experience I will never forget. Anytime you have a chance to do the same I highly reccommend it. Anyways sorry this was so long but hope you enjoyed it...see you guys later
  2. mattisnotonfire

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    I'm happy for you mate.

    It's times like that when I truly appreciate the herb. :stoned:

    I used to live in a seaside town and I watched the sunrise whilst blazed on the cliffs many a time. It's always a treat.

  3. TheHighCat

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    The best place to smoke is outside way away from everything, me and some friends went backpacking and smoke a ton and just explored the woods and river around the area and it was awesome
  4. JohnnyZ

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  5. stevie c

    stevie c Registered+

    haha, dont worry adderall usage is extremely few and far between
  6. imagoober

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    That sounds like a great morning! The thought of the sun rising over the ocean sounds awesome, Ive seen the sun set over the Pacific and thats pretty sweet. You get bonus points for the Hendrix!:thumbsup:
  7. jimmy8778

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    nice man, sunrises are spectactular, even if your not on the beach, i cant vouch for the other regions of the US, but being an east coaster, i will say our sunrises are top notch, well above all other places. If you live in florida, you can watch both the sunrise and the sunset on the beach, and if your in the right spot, you wont even have to move all day.
  8. NevelsHaze

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    ya for sure man , i remember when me and sum friends would get wasted well the first 3 or 4 that got up early enough dipped to the lake and smoked a fat blunt was great watchin sun rise
  9. Acouwaila

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    niiiiicee man. wow, u witnessed something huge that morning.

    pretty fuckin amazing, damn i gotta get out to the beach
  10. StickyfingahZ

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    That does sound awesome,I really do love smoking outdoors and just absorbing nature.
    I used to live on the beach,well,I wasnt a bum,but my backyard was the beach and we had this couch out there in the sand and I would come home from work and sit on that couch and burn one while my headphones were jammin and just watching the moons reflection on the waves as the dark water just rolled in.Peaceful and enjoyable.Not too many spots now days where you can be alone and appreciate nature....Sounds like you had fun.
  11. jimmy8778

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    im jealous. im not really a beach guy, but its the oceans fault anyways. I hate salty water, but i really wish i could just lounge on a super comfy sofa on the beach.
  12. Sir Bliss

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    Some of my most memorable weed experiences took place along the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. The Ocean is a beautiful sight. Being high makes it all the more amazing.

    Good story man. Try watching the sunset, smoking throughout the night, and stay up to see it rise in the wee hours of the morning. Doesn't get much better than that.
  13. BlazedinBA

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    any eastcoaster ever go to Ocean city, MD? its a really narrow island on the eastern shore of MD and its really cool to be able to watch the sun set on the bay at night then stay up all night drinking(huge bar town) and be able to watch the sunrise in the morning...
  14. Acouwaila

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    yep, I tripped on mushrooms in ocean city this past summer....most insightful amazing fucking experience of my life....missed the sunrise that morning, but caught it a couple other days that week haha
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