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    You will need 1-2 days for this to work.

    You will also need the following:
    -Azo standard 4 pills
    - Loads of water
    -don't smoke on the day you take the pills

    You take 4 pills on the begining of your day, you will feel a little queezy at first. Do not throw up, no matter what. Eat a bit, then go to drinking like you life depends on it. Drink a poland spring bottle and keep refilling it. I used 8 bottles of water and pissed about 20 times in the course of 5 hours. Your piss will turn dark brown, to bright red, to red, to bright orange, to light yellow, mellow yellow, then yellow, dark yellow, white/normal colour. I took the pills at 12:00 in the afternoon and I am clean at 11:41 at night. Eat meals throughout the day, and do not smoke at all throughout taking the pills. Once your piss is normal again, your clean until you smoke again. The Azo standard pills are the only one's that will work. They cost around 10-11 bucks max. I stole it, so whatever you do, get em. This is great for smoking on the weekends and need to detox without spending a shitload of money on detox kits. The Azo standard pills come with 28 pills, so you have a lot of chances to smoke and pass within the course of 1-2 days, and 2 days being the second you wake up, and piss, you'll be clean.

    Enjoy, and don't forget to toke it up mane!

    *I got this from another site, so I take no credit*

    Maybe FBR can give a thumbs up or down?
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    I think that is a whacked out dilution method is laighable and you could of definitely left out the fact that you stole those pills. It is cool that it worked for you, but honestly that is very taxing on your body when it isn't needed.

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