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    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried Azomite. My mom used to use it all the time on her garden and on the trees around our house. She liked it because it was organic and it made the plants and trees grow like crazy. Also made the vegetables and fruits bigger and better. It would also keep the bugs off the plants, pretty crazy stuff.

    If your wanting to try something new you might try this, look it up at Peak Minerals - Azomite Inc.

    I'll probably use it when I start growing and if no one else has tried it by then I'll post the results.
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    I am not big into mined elements myself as the long half life is stressfull and eventually unbalances the genetics of the plants. In hydro setup with veg plants last about five year before turning cancerous and dieing. If your not a breeder and dont mind lack of flavor mined elements will get you more money.
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    Azomite feeds Micorrhizae and other beneficial micro organisms.
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    They feed off carbohydrates both simple and complex. They convert ammonium nitrogen into ammonium nitrate which is the form the plants can use. I still do not know what it is. I would guess the slit from plant material on the bottom of the sea. Perhaps some bromine which is only found in ocean water which is a main component of the tryptophans that inturn produce the growth hormones known as auxins. Though I may be off. Let me check some thing on Home of Organic Chemistry Homepage

    Post thoughts. I am thinking Br produces D vitamins or cytokinins. as the atomic wieght is about 79 to 80.

    Auxins are the blue b vitamins and cytokinins are the yellow or d vitamins.

    I get the current atomic wieghts from here Chemistry: WebElements Periodic Table
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    Azomite is a mineral deposit containing crushed rock and various minerals that are already chelated and leeched.
    Think of it like mineral compost.
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    Thanks psteve.

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