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    Alot of people I know keep talking about this pill called AZO and apparntly it cleans your sistem and makes it so pot wont show up on drug tests. I dont think it works and i know there real pills i think there sold for bladder infections all i know is the turn your piss orange andyone know if they work?
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    Ahh. I've been wondering the exact same question. A friend of mine and her boyfriend is on felony probation and they both take AZO's. She said take them, and then you will be pissing orange for liek the first 10 pisses. AFter that your clean. I asked her if it really did work and they both told me that it did. So.. I just want to know if it works as well.

    P.s - Its for a urinary track infection. :).
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    No it doesn't do anything and it doesn't clean your urinary tract either. Most azo products contain phenazopyridine (it is also available by prescription) is a dye that has antiseptic properties and can kill some bacteria in the UT as well as provide some relief from a UTI. It in no ways cleans you out or helps with a drug test.
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    AZOs Update Info from

    Alright, I'M NO EXPERT ON ANYTHING, that being said I'm in the predicament of having a drug test in 2 days time and am dealing with the internal struggle, who to listen to? This works, that works, whatever personal experience you post here is great, it is information that everyone can view and use. On with my rant I've heard AZO's don't work and they do work, I have yet to experiment but I am going to take a few of these pills tonite and tommorow and see what happens on Friday. I've got to dilute and try to clean my system b/c I'm observed. FBR has claimed "it in no way will help clean you out or HELP WITH A DRUG TEST." Here is the Fact I've read from the package of AZO, "This product can interfere with labarotory tests including urine, glucose, and ketones." Now I'm not sure how it interferes, but the fact is this is written inside the package. So draw your own conclusions and I'll post the results of my test on Friday with a rundown of what worked/ didn't work for me, personally. I can't wait til friday to burn down again. This site has helped alot, hopefully all the right ways, lol. Maybe this post will draw FBR out of the woodwork, I haven't seen any posts of his lately. This brings me to another question, When someone has been discussing a topic and fails to continue to tell what happened to them in that situation, can I assume that that method didn't work, lol. Thanks again:D
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    What they actually mean is that it may interfere with tests for medical conditions such as glucose, ketones etc.

    It in no way, shape, or form refers to tests for THC, or any other drugs of abuse. Such tests use an entirely different reagent from the reagents used when testing for medical conditions - a type of reagent thats totally impervious to interferants such as AZO.
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    YO - BT -
    I've got my test coming up tommorrow sometime, However I was wondering about what you said about a drug testing company not being able to observe the specimen collection unless given reasonable cause to do so. B/c last time I went in and "tried" to give specimen I played stage fright now I have to go back and try again. Is there a way out of observed/monitered collection. It takes place in your normal bathroom, no stalls, just toilet, sink, and a dude in the corner behind me, at least on my first attempt. Also takes place at Sterling Reference Labs, please look at their website and tell me what you think as far as my situation goes. I've been clean for 4 days and probably wouldn't pass just with dilution, I may bring a sub with me if I here from someone who knows exactly what the Laws are governing drug test observation/monitoring. I live in central Washington and am going to west side to take the stupid thing, I want this trip to be worth my time/money so I can land this job. Thanks for your help BT
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    I'm not hiding I'm here, the mod spending the most time here. I just have such good people now in the drug testing forum they can answer most questions.

    Why was a guy in the corner during the first drug test if it was a single stall bathroom? If they are trying to use the presence of the sink in the bathroom to justify his presence, you should either bitch because there are other ways to secure a sink or bitch a little and make him face the sink and turn his back from you and tell him he doesn't have cause to give you an observed test and do what Killer said and then do it. Hell turn around and watch his back while you pour. That's odd that a urine collection site that does drug testing doesn't secure the sink with another method than human sentry.

    They know about Azo, they aren't that stupid. While B2 results in turning your urine neon yellow like antifreeze, Azo is an orange dye and very noticeable. I forgot exactly what the end result of handing the collector a cup of Azo spiked urine. Either they recollect, make a note on the chain of custody form, fail you, or do nothing because like Burnt said it doesn't affect drug testing. Whatever it is, it isn't going to help and may hurt you.

    There's even another dye methylene blue that you can ingest and change your urine to blue. Most know about that too. Several others and I were joking on another forum about how someone who was clean wanted to mess with the drug test and was going to take that as a joke. I believe a collector
    told us that this is a fail or something else negative, maybe not that harsh but negative to the testee.

    A girl can give a sample while on her period and get a small amount of blood in the sample and that is acceptable.

    I think that's all the colors.
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    Hey man I appreciate the response I've read alot of your posts, I wasn't talking about giving an AZO sample, but rather reffering to cleaning out my urine, and the effects of the AZO itself. I stopped taking those this morning at ten and my pee has returned to normal yellow, because it cleans your urinary tract, will that also have any effect on cleaning my kidneys out at all. I'm not educated on any of this other that my own experience while in high school with drug classes. I took those things and would sub for my drug counselor, no problem. Have you heard anything about Sterling Reference Laboratories? So legally they CAN NOT observe unless given a reason, when I was there my first time and claimed stage fright I watched two girls go into the testing bathroom and each one of them had a sentry in the room also. I don't know what the deal is with that. If you could dig alittle deeper into this for me I would appreciate it alot, I'm nervous as hell and am wondering which route I should take. Also, on their website it has all kinds of crap about beating the test in their newsletters to their employees, and has claimed that artificial urine is detectable, they tested two different kinds found online, I'm not sure which ones so this has made me think twice about doing it that way. Help me out I know your the expert here. WHATS MY BEST BET. Thanks alot man I hope I can pull somethin out of my ass.
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    I forgot to say I'm a heavy smoker and am worried about just going the dilution route. I'm roughly 5'9" and 170lbs and I'd say my metabolism is average. THANKS AGAIN
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    I'll have been clean for 4 days at the time of the test. Sorry my head is all over the place now. Sobriety SUCKS. can't wait til tomorrow
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    Fakeboobsrule don't know what he saying I've used azo to pass court drug tests and preemployment drug testing quit toking three days before test follow dosage instructions on third day drink a lot of Gatorade piss about 5 times before test then take test making sure to pee a bit in toilet first then fill cup up to line then let rest go in toilet
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    Hey bro is it just called azo what does it say specifically on the box I don't want to buy the wrong product

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