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    We will start with the stats of everything.

    Seed is unknown strain.
    1/25/18 started germination in unknown soil.
    1/28/18 seed popped
    2/09/18 Topped and added small amount of speedy veg.

    When I do first transplant I will be using potting.gif I probably won't be transplanting for another week or so.

    As for the lighting I am using a Mix of CFL and LED. The Led is a 45 watt Full spectrum and the 1 CFL is a 23 watt 6500k and a 23 watt 2700k. I am going to be ordering a bigger better light within a few weeks or sooner if possible. I'm running lights on for 24/0 then gonna switch to 18/6 in few weeks.

    I am trying Speedy Veg Organic growth accelerator during veg.(I got as a free smaple when I paid shipping cost 2.95)

    I plan on using these nutes 2 weeks into flowering 51u9GQdfO7L._SY400_.jpg
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    I want this one deleted and can't figure it out this was a double post

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