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  1. one800getslapped

    one800getslapped Registered+

    can someone PLEASE tell me how to roll up a backwood blunt?
  2. RIP ODB

    RIP ODB Registered+

    ask a black dude
  3. one800getslapped

    one800getslapped Registered+

  4. Endless Smoker

    Endless Smoker Registered+

    cut it up and fill it with weed, maybe?
  5. one800getslapped

    one800getslapped Registered+

    but it is a natural leaf cigar. i know how to roll a regular blunt but i just bought a pack of rum backwoods and i wanna roll some sticky green.
  6. LearyS Disciple

    LearyS Disciple Registered+

  7. one800getslapped

    one800getslapped Registered+

    no comprendo. it is a backwood, not nearly as fat as dat one.
  8. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    Backwoods are tough.

    You need a specialist, that's for sure. I only know of one person who could roll a backwood worth smoking.
  9. Endless Smoker

    Endless Smoker Registered+

    dude just roll it like a joint
  10. IIG

    IIG Registered+

    Backwoods are kind of tricky... the funny thing is that in Philadelphia they are standard, and people sort of look at you strange for rolling out of Phillies or Swishers. The best way is to find the seam and unroll the paper from there, instead of cutting anything. Once you do this, roll it, like you would anything else. Easier than you think, and you'll be amazed how you had so much trouble with it in the first place.
  11. smokinindausa

    smokinindausa Registered+

    Dude backwoods suck ass use Dutchmasters or Garcia Y Vega, or optimo's
  12. one800getslapped

    one800getslapped Registered+

    i definatly want to get some dutches or garcia y vega. already have had optimos and love them. they are the most relieable for me. i want to try the optimo sports but havent had the chance, only had the peaches. but after me and my friend smoked a phillie blunt at nightk, and optimo and a half of a backwood in the morning, when we smoked the other half our stomachs hurt and he threw up. We have only been smoking about a year and we were not used to that much, plus we are kind of *young*
  13. Edgar

    Edgar Registered+

    I use Garcia Y Vega, Dutchmasters, swishers, phillies, or Al Capones, those are all great cigars to roll a blunt with. Al Capone especially because they taste great and they are hardly ever stale.
  14. SLiC112

    SLiC112 Registered+

    Honey Dutch for me....
  15. stonerboy40k

    stonerboy40k Registered+

    when i roll a blunt i jus buy a hamlet 5 empty it out fill it back up with weed and cigar baccy. that usualy gets me wasted and the smell of cigar is preety ovwer powering for smoking in public
  16. al bo0 bo0

    al bo0 bo0 Registered+

    rolling backwoods

    i love rolling backwoods,so here we go.

    1.look at the bottom of the wood(ie part you smoke from) and find the "tab" i guess ud call it and unravel it and dump out the tobacco. get ur bud(ideally u want a 1 to 1 1/2 grams) broken down,u dont want to break it dwn 2 much,leave it kinda nuggy,but take out as much stems as possible(cuz dem bitches will rip ur wood in mid roll). lick the part without the vein(when u c a wood ul noe wat im tlkin bout) and also give the inside a quick once we're gona b rollin with the vein so cuz of this(and da general shape of da wood) ur gona wana place the weed somewat diagnally. the rolling,wat i do is jus roll like u would a regular blunt jus keep it diagonal and start from the bottom(flat surface helps) and try to get the weed alligned wit da side da vein is on and since a backwood is so wide rolling diagonally will extend it a lil,once u get it rolld up lick da hell out of it so itll stick,stuff it wit a stick or shoelace and bite off the excess,bake it,spark it and enjoy!

    if dis dont help im gona post dis wit pics on anotha thread cuz visuals really help,plus i wanna show off dis good purple i be on.
  17. MacWQ33

    MacWQ33 Registered+

    How about just throw that no good shit away.
  18. Web Smoker

    Web Smoker Registered+

    Dutchs are good , phillies, whiteowls, but the newest thing are games there made by garcia vega there the best theres baiclly dutchs but bigger and a thicker leaf
  19. aznson01

    aznson01 Guest

    backwoods are soo ghetto hahahahha, my neighbors smoke em and they are ghetto, my boy and i have been smokin a 5+ years and weve never smoked backwoods, i got a pack the other night to see what they look like, fuck man, if the tobacco inside looked greenish you would think they are prerolled blunts they are so damn ghetto, real leaf cigars like gv's, games, dutch's, anything along those lines are what i consider the higher end blunt, then u go to like phillies and swishers and optimos and like everything else, then on the lowest level u got backwoods and blunt wraps

    thats my "system"

    backwoods = ghetto, which = bad

    but yeah when i got em i opened a pack of 5 of the original or w/e, im lookin at em, i opened em unrolled the leaf with my fucking finger lol, you can't unroll any other type of cigar without licking it or having some sort of fine tool,

    plus one of these bitches only ='s half a game or gv or some shit
  20. Kindbud

    Kindbud Registered+

    backwoods are choice man, i love the berry packs to. Since it's an all natural leaf. All it takes is being gentle enough not to rip them ; unroll it, dump the filler, roll it back it just as gently. Those things are half the size of a normal gar ,and they burn twice as long . Good call, they're hard as hell to roll though ! lol,later !

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