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Discussion in 'Experiences' started by GanjaMan7, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. GanjaMan7

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    I know almost all marijuana smokers, at one point or another, will experience a "bad high."

    I made this thread so that people could discuss "bad highs." I'll start it off.

    I've been smoking for a little less than two years now. All of my experiences have been great, but during this past summer vacation, I smoked nearly everyday for the first time. In late July, I experienced my first "bad high," panic attack, whatever you want to call it. It was horrible. I could not think or pull myself together, I was having both visual and auditory hallucinations, my senses were all warped, and I was vomiting.

    This forced me to quit smoking for about a month, because I had no desire to repeat this experience. After a while, I figured I would try it again, and once again I had a bad high, only not nearly as intense. Since then, I have had 4 more bad highs, all of them when I smoke alone. They never seem to happen when I smoke with my friends.

    I believe that they are caused by the increased amount of stress and anxiety that has come into my life lately, but I'm not quite sure. I'm trying to find a way that I can get back to the regular, good high and reduce my chances of having a bad high. Any suggestions and other personal experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. OZO

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    The mind can be a very powerful thing, but there is plenty you can do to distract it.
    Try setting your mood, be in a setting you are comfortable in (ex. your favorite room) use some nice relaxing music, soft lighting, something good to eat, and a nice cold drink.

    Being high is all about being comfortable for me. Everything around you has an effect on how you feel. Put your self in the most comfortable setting possible and you should be good to go! :thumbsup:
    Relax and have fun.
  3. biohazard

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    I've had quite a few experiences when I didn't feel so good after blazing, but never so bad that I actually regretted smoking. You get bad highs alone because you keep asking yourself (subconsciously or consciously) "will I have a bad high again?". Try to realise it's all in your head and if it happens again take long deep breaths and drink some room temp water or milk. Try to relax and regain control of yourself. Just make sure you are 100% positive you won't die, the worst that can happen is you feeling sick or you think you are dying. Unless you are allergic to weed (like some are to peanuts, and you are obviously not since you are still alive) you just can't die because of it. Of course you could kill yourself by doing something incredibly stupid, but that's another story.

    Again, just realise there's nothing to be scared of, pull yourself together and shake it off. It's all mental.

    EDIT: I figured I might actually share some of my experiences. What has happened recently every single time I blaze alone is that I feel like my throat is gonna close up and I will choke. I also feel pressure on my chest. These are just symptoms of a panic attack. I am slowly learning to control them and getting back to my otherwise happy highs. I smoked weed for about a year with no problems, and one day BAM- it happened. Ever since it's been happening every time I blaze, took me a while to figure out it's all in my head and I'm perfectly safe. The best momentary cure for it that I found is get excited and happy about something. Get in a good mood and you will forget all about it. Find something really fun and enjoying to do, and concentrate on that thing alone.
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  4. LaZ

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    Check your weed for any mold. Sometimes people don't know how to dry properly and it may build a little bit of mold, that if you smoke: you'll get sick. The 4 times you smoked, were they all with the same stash?
  5. GanjaMan7

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    No, they were with different stashes, and different pieces. At first, I thought the paint on my bowl was toxic or something and mold did cross my mind a few times. I researched it online, and now I'm almost %100 positive that it was all mental. The bad thing is that I have a really hard time collecting myself when I'm tripping out like that.
  6. biohazard

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    I know exactly the way you feel. It takes time and concentration, there's no overnight cure for it. You pretty much have to stop being your brain's bitch and show that fucker who is boss :).
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  7. Mandelbrot

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    Try to smole less, I found that I only had that kind of high when, for one reason or another, I smoked much more weed then I usualy do, so i'm overhigh. It didn't happen everytime, and never nowadays.
  8. Mean Mr. Mustard

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    My self induced paranoia almost made me quit smoking all together. I don't really know how I got over it, I just stopped giving a shit about the little things that would get me freaked out. Smoke where you know you have no chance of getting caught (parents and or authorities) and just chill out.
  9. trainwreck530

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    woah :wtf: seein shit and throwin up...? sounds like yer herb was dipped or laced w/some shit. ive def had some tripped out moments, but never a 'panic attack.' 90% of the few sketchy moments here and there are never by myself but w/some fucked stoned/sober social interaction.

    herb is meant to be chill smoke not bummer bammer. try smoking something stonier and more indica. if youve got AK47 er orange crush around i def recomend it

  10. GanjaMan7

    GanjaMan7 Registered+

    I have no idea how to tell what strand is indica and what strand is sativa.
  11. DSX 1

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    Too much too soon is a common reason for paranoia, cannabis is a spiritual plant, personally if your not in good shape both mentally or physically I think it may have an influence on your 'high'.

    Just my opinion yet I think this is a good subject for all of us to come together and talk about.

    I think this is very true. Seriously its going to take work for you to get your good highs, having control over your thoughts (yet does it not make you realise how messed up your thoughts are when your sober and what kind of terrible state your mind is in) Marijuana highlights the weaknesses of your mind which in turn allows you to overcome them with enough work and control (call it meditation) Yet learning to control racing thoughts by force (or being openly conscious of trying to suppress paranoia) can induce further paranoia if not more, it seems like you have to just let go without actually consciously letting go.

    Think about it, ascertain the correct mind-frame by releasing the negative aspects of your mind in whatever conscious state you are in, this will bring you profound benefits and a complete eradication of paranoid thoughts. while you are high.

    This act you take will better improve your mind in sober states and you will notice the difference, I did:).

    This is something one should do naturally yet so many people overlook (do some research into shamanistic body cleansing before psychoactive substances are used and it will give you some idea of how important this process is to them).

    Judge the strain also, sativas will bring you a significant head high which in turn are not advised for people who simply are not ready to delve into deep depths of their minds and discover a way of thinking and perception which could in turn create nothing but negative/paranoid thoughts about certain issues.

    The atmosphere and place you use it, the people you are with, if you are on your own, what you are doing your type of concentration, do you suffer from depression? Because if used in the correct way cannabis can resolve it.

    Are there any issues in your life that you believe have vanished yet your subconscious is still holding a profound attatchment?

    I could go on forever, but I wont bore you, I hoped this helped.


    P.S.... If all else fails... May I reccommend 'Laughing Bud'.
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  12. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Never had one, in all my years.
  13. GanjaMan7

    GanjaMan7 Registered+

    Great post DSX1! I really appreciate it.

    Right now, I'm buzzing slightly. I took a few hits and tonight has been very cool... no problems or worries at all. I hope the rest of the night follows suit.

    I know exactly what you're saying about letting go, but not consciously letting go. I think I am beginning to do that already. Anyway, good post man!
  14. GreenGiant07

    GreenGiant07 Registered+

    I've only had one "bad" high. It happened on 4/20 this year and it was my second time trying weed in over a month, I was wrecked and I hung out at the local mall and I have never felt so paranoid in my life, felt like every single person was watching me, and on more then one occasion, cops were watching me, I had mall security attempt to corale me on 2 occasions there whilst I got lost in a crowd, I havn't been to that mall baked since.
  15. WeedyBoyWonder

    WeedyBoyWonder Registered+

    "I was having both visual and auditory hallucinations, my senses were all warped, and I was vomiting."

    Minus the vomiting, it sounds quite fun.

    You just gotta eat some sugar, and chill out some. If you panic and have little energy, it all goes tits up for some people.
  16. Silent Wolf

    Silent Wolf Registered+

    I once smoked to the point where sweat started to pour down my face, it felt like i had a rock stuck in my throat, hands were shaking, and i felt pretty sick. I also saw red blobs in my vision. Does that count as a bad high lol?
  17. gumsnap

    gumsnap Registered

    I've never had a bad high with just pot alone. The closest I've come is one time where I felt kind of sick after smoking a ridiculously large amount, but I'd been a bit headachey beforehand, so really it was my own fault. I should have just done a bit and gone to sleep instead of hanging around.

    I had an awful high once with pot laced with shrooms, though. Hallucinating + being effectively locked in a nearly empty, white room about the size of a closet = baaaad trip.
  18. SmoKin BuddAH

    SmoKin BuddAH Registered+

    lol i've been smokin for about a year pretty heavily and haven't had one bad trip...but this summer i had the worst trip of my life...the weed made me extrememly tired in about 3 min after smoking it and it was super hot that day..
  19. DSX 1

    DSX 1 Registered+

    All the time im having a fantastic experience with cannabis, to me it is down to my overall mental condition, if you natrually while in sober states are the type to worry, stress etc then one can expect to worry and stress when racing thoughts leads you to believe that your heart is going to burst because the sativa is making it beat so hard lol.

    We all know it wont happen yet this is just an example of one of the many paranoid thoughts one has during their experience, it is an obvious negative thought about a drug you believe to be so good and healing (which is true) that you think it will kill you. -It wont. It hasnt killed anyone in the history of its use.

    Instead the thought that your heart wishes to push this amazingly healing herb to every corner of your body to ensure every bit of you is pain free and in a healing state is a positive thought which can cause one to move away from the paranoia described above into a complete heaven of an experience, and it is all to do with the energy (positive) you created from that thought in your mind which in turn eradicates the negativity... thus curing your paranoia.

    Its worth a try. It works for me yet I havnt needed to even think of having a negative trip for years! I only wish to offer help to fellow users as I believe this plant should create what it is here for, a healing exeprience, also to give us freedom, infinite thought and open spiritual pathways. Try propagandising a people who use cannabis, its a difficult task.

    Consider for example you are doing a bench press, if you do 70 good perfect reps, it will be stored into your 'muscle memory' resulting in all of your natural reps conforming to this 'perfect rep'.

    Thus having a few (you wont need 70 lol) good highs in which you control your thoughts (remember not to force it however) will result in your mind naturally conforming to this poitive state of thought. There is no need whatsoever to believe you are going to die while you are high lol, unless you've eaten a huge load of hash you wont, I guarantee it.

  20. Mr. Spliff

    Mr. Spliff Registered+

    I've only been smoking for about a year now and there's a couple instances where something went wrong.

    One time I was smoking with some buddies in this neighborhood we live near. I wasn't comfortable at all in this setting because we were all out in the open and shit. So we smoked and I was paranoid as fuck. So I agree with the guy that said you should definitely be in a comfortable surrounding.

    Another time I smoked with my bud and we got some food after that. I don't know if it was the food or what, but I got sick and started puking. I felt like I never wanted to smoke again, but then I just smoked a blunt the next day and felt better.

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