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Discussion in 'Experiences' started by GanjaMan7, Sep 20, 2007.

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    One day in the summer in Cyprus I smoked a small spliff (I have been smoking for nearly 2 years now ) and it was about 40 degrees outside. We where sat in the sun and after the spliff I went to the shop to buy a bottle of water. As I was in the shop I got really fucking light headed and I felt like I was gonna faint. I gave my shit to a mate and left the shop on my own. 5 minutes later I was found on the floor round the corner. my head felt like it was crushing and I thought I was gonna die (I know weed cant kill u, but u know what I mean) anyway I finally got up and smoked another spliff and felt much better.
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    Back to topic please. I was too high laughing with my colleagues and then my fucking girl show up. I'm still laughing and laughing hard i don't know why. After that day, she don't want to talk to me again. So bad high during that time. I wonder how she is right now.
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    I Had this horrable trip when I realized that the weed was gone!!!!
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    I have a full chart on my wall in my house, huge poster, I see it every day and yet still can't remember, I just like pruning them lol
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    Hallucinating is FUN???
    I have given birth 5 times and would rather do that again because it hurt Less to give birth naturally with no pain meds than it did when I was halusinating that the devil put a snake in my heart!!!
    That was NOT "fun"
    That was the scariest shit that has ever happened to me and I've been raped TWICE!
    I would NEVER describe any event that happened to me after smoking as fun
    I either had nothing, felt sick or was in sooooo much pain!!!!
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    What does a substance bad trip really amount to, when our entire existence is nothing but a bad trip?

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