baking soda as a fungicide need feedback

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by clovisman, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. clovisman

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    having possible mold problem- i posted this yeaterday with a photo- did not recieve any suggestions so i researched this site another weed site and all over the internet- there was a lot of info on using potassium bicarbonate as a fungicide, a natural organic suggestion- as recommended i mixed 1 oz of baking soda with one drop of liquid soap with 1 gallon of water- i sprayed the infested plant and this mornig all the hairs have turned red as if they died- i have rinsed the plant heavily - i would recommend not to use this solution- do you feel i have permanently harmed this plant or will it recover- has at least four weeks left for harvest
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    ummmm i dont know much about fungicide but i would feel bad if i didnt reply. you might of just harmed the plant for now it might recover. but it doesnt sound like a good idea to use soap on a plant
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    my girlfriends mom used to do that and she grew 12ft monsters... but i wouldnt let her do it to mine i wasnt gonna risk it.
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    no test area? is the fungus dead?
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  6. clovisman

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    no I did not test an area-I was going away for a couple of days and the fungus was literally growing before my eyes and I did not want it to reach my other plants- yes it did kill the fungus growth- the buds have recovered and are producing new hairs and leaves- hindsight I would have done a test area and diluted the solution by one half- just the outermost parts of the buds were burnt - I really soked them with the solutioin if you are about to lose a plant because of mold or fungus the baking soda will kill it but be carefull
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    I would think that before you spray anything you want to make sure you have just watered so that the plants wont take up much or anything.

    As to the fungicide I am not sure. I have always heard Hydrogen Peroxide, but if its dirt I am at a loss.

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