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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Scary kitty, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Scary kitty

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    We recently moved to Barrie after I was accpeted to Georgeian College. We really miss hanging out and getting baked with our old friends, but unfortunatley we haven't really met anyone yet who loves to blaze. We also have the great fortune of being able to smoke indoors (LoL, nothing beats sitting on couch with a bong!)

    I really do miss people coming over to our place and getting baked with us then watching stupid movies or playing silly N64 games blazed out of or minds. I'm a pretty social stoner and I do miss the days of hanging out with a bunch of people doing it. If there are any stoners in the Barrie area please feel free to e-mail me and we could get together and chill sometime. :jointsmile:
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  2. four_two_zero

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    I'm from Barrie too!
    Well, Utopia actualy..
  3. hybridlove420

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    cant find barrie stoners!? im from mississauga with a cottage near huntville, and let me say that the gta loves its pot, and the cottage country loves to grow pot!

    (i know about 3 growers within 20minutes of my cottage, and about 2/3rds my friends up north will smoke up with me frequently)
  4. wishpotwaslegal

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    hell ya i grew up in big bay point just out side barrie (innisfill) and everybody loves ther weed around ther
  5. SexyBarrieGurl

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    hey hey there.... where abouts in barrie are you? we would love to get together and have a nice session with ya! plays some games or watch some crazy movies... I have all the latest one, guaranteed, plus only the best herb...let me know, maybe we'll chill soon!!! hahaha we smoke in the garage...havent had a bong on the couch in ages...
  6. osity420

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    Hello my name is Michael
    I'm from Belleville, ON and I have been suffering from Insomnia. I am 19 years old and I wake up every morning exhausted never feeling like Ive even slept that night.
    My sleep schedule rarely stays on track. I don't like taking pills and I find that sleeping pills are too addicting for me and loose there effect quickly.
    Any help in finding a compassionate doctor would be great.
  7. TalhaK3

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    I have just recently moved to barrie as well but im only here for 2 months before i start university (im 18 btw). Im trying to find friends/stoners but no luck so far but then again i haven't been here very long. Im also lookin for smokin buddies preferably around my age or even someone that could hook me up with reliable dealers. Thanks, peace out.
  8. CovertCarpenter

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    I hear that a Dr. Saul 'round Yonge and Sheppard or Yonge and Finch is a sympathetic 'pain specialist'... but I could be wrong.

    I had no problem getting my GP to sign off on form B1. It took about five visits to him, though, to build up a good rapport, and the fact that I don't dress like a rubbie (suit and tie) helped...

    You need some MMJ stat... though it usually takes about three months for the Health Canada paperwork to go thru.
  9. barrie420

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    Kind Connections in Barrie

    I'm new to Barrie and am looking to make some connections in town. Am a single dad so i can't walk the streets at night looking for herb.

    I was living in BC for 15 years and got to experience some kind herb... have lots of cool stories. I had an original show on Pot TV and was even in Marc Emery's house :Rasta:

    Thanks, Ram

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