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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by WizardOZ, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. WizardOZ

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    If I were to get an 2.7 X 2.7 X 5.11 ft indoor grow tent, what single light/hood would you reccomend?
  2. emilya

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    in that size, 400w is perfect... get an air cooled hood to move heat out of that small area, keep the glass clean, and get a MH for veg and an HPS for flower and a ballast that can handle both (Lumatek). That is what I would do... LED will soon be replaced by something much better... and I would wait for that new technology, using the tried and true standards of MH and HPS in the meantime.
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  3. WizardOZ

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    With each being 400w? The MH & HPS
  4. redtails

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    Yeah it's one light but 2 interchangeable bulbs.

    And that's funny about LED, seeing as the whole rest of the lighting world is right now changing over to LEDs (automotive/residential/street lights, etc) Pretty sure they won't be going anywhere especially after being so heavily developed the past decade
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  5. WizardOZ

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  6. emilya

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    LED is great for many applications... plasma will be greater for growing than anything we have ever had before. I am waiting for it... I expect it within 3 years to be an economical way to go to achieve superior lighting.
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  7. JCgrow

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    Air-cooled hood is the best way to go. May be more expensive depending on where you buy it but its pennies. The result is the most important and you'll get the best quality out of one of those hoods. You should be fine with 400W as the grow tent will also help reflect additional light. Cheers.
  8. Weezard

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    I disagree.
    So far, results with plasma lights have been very disappointing. :(
    I am now testing a 125W. "corn light". It's cool white @6000k.
    Put 4 clones and some seedlings under it.
    I weigh the plants every 24 hours to track water use.
    My 2 color, 56W, DIY array supports transpire at twice the rate of the extremely bright, (to us), corn light.
    After 5 days, the seedlings are showing low-light stretch.

    I'm about to dump the corn light and hang my new, state of the art, 80 W. 2 color array. DSCF8667.JPG DSCF8668.JPG
    It's a 4:1, R:B, single 100W. chip with a heat sink and a power supply.
    Total cost? less than $100 USD.
    The difference?
    All the photons produced are in wavelengths that cannabis uses most efficiently.
    Plasma, and white leds waste a lot of power generating photons of less acceptable wavelengths.
    Plants are not impressed with that.
    It's meant for human eyes, yah?
    Don't dis LEDs until you have personally tested them.:)

    LED grown1.JPG Led grown.
    That's just the top bud.
    Weighs 45 grams wet and smells like a candy store, :D
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  9. Eagle-ize

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    Greetings WizardOZ,

    My initial suggestion would be to purchase the best light you can afford. That being said,
    there are numerous technologies competing for your business. I happen to be a huge proponent
    of full spectrum lighting. Mainly LED.

    I too grow in tents. The biggest issue I had when using the traditional HPS (High Pressure Sodium)
    was the immense heat they radiated. This meant ducting the light hood with high power inline fans and
    ducting the tent as well. The other issue was yield.

    CMH or Ceramic Metal Halide have been proven to deliver excellent results due to their superior wavelength
    profile over the traditional HPS, however they still radiate quite a bit of heat.

    LED technology has made leaps and bounds in a few short years, mainly due to the amount of money being
    spent on development (cumulatively in the billions). The horticultural market is only a sliver of this growing segment.

    Good Luck!

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