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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Ed Kemper, Jan 24, 2018.

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    im a new grower and the last 2-3 months Ive started my first grow und read a lot about cannabis but some basic questions I couldnt find the answers to.

    1. My tap water has a very bad cal/mag ratio 11:1 (70mg/l cal and 6mg/l mag) should I add some magnesium to get a 3:1 ratio ? AND should I mix it 1:1 with brita filtered water to reduce the micronutrients and add magnesium? Because Im not sure how much cal and magnesium the plants needs.

    2. When im using nutes in my water and the ppm of my solution is higher than my drain is it a sign of underfeeding the plants and I should give them more nutes next time? and if that is the case can I eliminate that i have a lock when the drain is lower than my nutes solution?

    3. Some people say when using nutes the pots shouldnt dry out before watering again becuase of the salts that can build up in the soil but others say the opposite. So what is true?

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    Hi Ed... Buy some calmag+. Follow the directions on the bottle.
    Don't worry about the micro stuff in your tap water... 17 different nutrients are needed by the plants... many of them are in there. You do not have to filter it. Unless you are growing organically and trying to keep the soil alive with microorganisms, don't even worry about the chlorine... it will not hurt a thing and actually is one of those 17 nutrients.
    Totally ignore the drainage, or the run off as we call it. It can tell you very little about anything after having to percolate through your soil, picking up carbon, salts, and other debris as it filters through. Use your nutes as they were scientifically designed to be used, ie, read the instructions. What makes you think you should second guess all of their research and development money?
    Some people are stupid and have no idea what they are talking about. I wrote a good article on watering properly, and you should read it. In veg you should wait till the containers to dry out every time, for no other reason than you are forcing the roots to grow and expand out in the container to find the water that you are reluctant to give them. It has nothing to do with salt. When the plants reach flowering time, you change the way you water, trying to force the plants to uptake AS MUCH water as they can manage, not waiting for them to dry out completely.
    A quick lesson on salt:
    Salt buildup is what happens when you use synthetic nutrients. They are bonded together in a solution designed to break apart when they are in a special pH range, and the bond that is holding them together breaks down into salt that stays in your soil. Organic gardeners who are not using these synthetic nutrients generally have no need to flush their soil during the grow, because there is no salt added. It is generally recommended when using synthetic nutrients to flush your containers at least 3 times during a grow so as to keep the roots healthy and free of salt and carbon buildup.
    Hope this helps. Sorry you were unable to find answers to your questions. I suggest you read all of the "sticky" articles on this forum... they were placed at the top for a good reason.
    Start with mine by clicking my links below. Read everything I put in my signature lines... that is valuable real estate and I didn't put things in there just to be pretty.
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    Hi emilya,

    thanks for the reply!

    I dont quite understand why it is necessary to buy calmg+ because I think I have enough calcium in my water just not enough magnesium. Is a Magnesium solution like canna mono magnesium not sufficient?

    For my next grow I will switch to biobizz light mix and use the instruction and their site. Reading too much in the boards is very confusing sometimes there are a lot of contradictions.
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    Hi again Ed. Life is full of contradictions... what you need to find is a successful gardener of weeds and just read their solutions and methods... then you won't be confused. If you automatically go into this thinking that everyone is lying to you... fine... trust no one and go it alone. No one will cry.
    Seeing that you are not yet an expert it is easy to understand why you see no need to buy calmag+, and you have no way to know that calmag is one of the most popular and needed nutrient additives in the cannabis world for good reason. It wouldn't fly off of the shelves like it does if it didnt work and wasnt necessary... but again, you have no way yet to know this. You are entirely correct that there is generally enough calcium and limestone in our tap water so as to not need a calcium additive, but we do need more magnesium for this plant than is supplied by our water. The calcium and other micronutrients that are formulated into the calmag+ product are not like the raw calcium in your tap water either... they are in a state ready to be absorbed immediately into the plant. I understand the drive to reinvent the wheel and feel like you have conquered this, but just buy the calmag... its much easier, no guessing and got years of science wrapped up in a nice pretty easy to use bottle.
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