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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Smoking Chef, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Smoking Chef

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    Hi folks,
    can someone plz tell me how best to use my Bat Guano.Its powder and in a container with no instructions on it.
    I am growing in soil, have 6 seedlings about 10 days old under a 2oowt invirolight in plastis cups at the moment. I plan to transplant in about 2 weeks time into bigger pots and slowly move them under my 400wt aircooled hood.
    I am using Boibizz light mix soil and there organic Ferts.
    With the Guano, do I mix some in with my soil when transplanting or do I make a tea and feed it with my ferts? Is Guano for Veg or Flowering time?
    I know its supposed to be good stuff to use, but I aint got a clue.
    Thanks people,
  2. stinkyattic

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    There are several types of bat guano with different npk ratios.
    It is best mixed with the dirt, although you can make a guano 'tea', but IMHO unless you are going fully organic, guano is for soil and ferts are for watering with, lol.
    What is your npk on the guano?
    If the first # is highest that is good for weeks 3-end of veg; mix in with soil when you are doing your transplant at 4 nodes.
    If the middle # is highest that's for the final transplant into the flowering pots.
    Mix it REALLY well into the soil.

    HARDDON Registered+

    Most bat guano is high in N anyhow you shake it.

    If I were growing with it, I would mix it...1/4 cup powder per 1 gallon water. Shake it, pH adjust it, and water with it every 4 waterings during veg, and every other watering during flower.

    Its quite natural so it will be difficult to over do it. I like tea method as it lays a fine silt on the soil surface that keeps it going with each water.

    However, guano with no label, no instructions, no nothing prolly should be replaced with something you know about.
  4. Smoking Chef

    Smoking Chef Registered+

    Thanks guys,
    I dont know the NPK, the container has no label or writing.
    I will mix some in with the soil when i transplant the next time and see what happens.
    And is it about 2tbl spoons per gallon of water/soil?
  5. TheGreenFog

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    So, how did you come across this bat guano with no writing or label??? :confused:

    Did you go out bat hunting and start squeezing them into the jar?


    Good luck using it. Hope it works well. :D

    The Fog :Rasta:
  6. stinkyattic

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    OMG f[r]og I just almost fell out of my chair.
  7. TheGreenFog

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    They're like little pastry frosting dispensers. LOL

    Git' him!

    The Fog :Rasta:

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  8. stinkyattic

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    That's it, I am NOT eating the birthday cake at your next party.
    Mmmm... what a pretty cake... why did you choose to write 'happy birthday froggy' in brown?
    Is that chocolate frosting?
  9. TheGreenFog

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    HARDDON Registered+

    Again, to use this stuff without knowing it is courting total disaster. Why chance it?

    Why do people do this?

    Why do people ask and then not listen???????

    If you want advice, you should be willing to listen.

    And, when you transplant, you dont want to add anything you are not sure of to the soil. Especially then.

    When you listen and follow good advice, you too can grow well.

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  11. herbaltivo

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  12. Smoking Chef

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    Ok then, I will not use it.
    Sorry if I upset you dude.
    I will stick to Biobuzz light mix soil and there organic ferts.
    I suppose i can use it on my house and garden plants, just seems a waste to trow it away.

  13. TheGreenFog

    TheGreenFog Registered+

    You never said where you got it...and why it doesn't have a label.


    The Fog :Rasta:
  14. Smoking Chef

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    got it of the net....about 3 years ago.
    I think of these guys
  15. TheGreenFog

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    ANCIENT bat poop?!

    Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?

    In that case, you should add about 5 cups per litre of water and add every feeding.

    For best results, also, throw a medallion into a cave.


    The Fog :Rasta:

    OH, and P.S., your link didn't work.

    HARDDON Registered+

    If you want good nitrogen dude, just get some fish emulsion or seabird guano pellets.

    BatGuano is good, but unlabeled bags would scare me. You can get some poisonous dust from batguano if it is processed unproperly.

    Scent free ammonia..yes the household cleaning kind...about a shot glass per 3 cups of water will suffice for your nitrogen as well. But don't add this during flower...only veg.

    Good luck.

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