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  1. smoke me smoke me

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    Ive been saving up some scratch to buy of grow set up. Are the turnkey systems in hightimes worth the money and will i be able to achieve good results. THe machine im thinking about scooping is the http://www.homegrown-hydroponics.com/ecgrboxbecug.html

    its a six plant system. with this set up what type of yields should i expect. let me know cause i really dont wanna spend the 1000$ on a machine that wont produce me enough smokes to chill on .

    RIP OG we will miss you
  2. smoke me smoke me

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    I know somebody out there has know someone or seen pictures of someone with a catalog bought machine but i can never find any pics. This one with the link is the only one really in my price range. Should I expect atleast say 6 ounces per grow session in this box. or more or less. Please someone let me know your experience i need to learn before i burn the cash
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    I think you should build your own.
  4. smoke me smoke me

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    alright theres one vote come on i need more opinions this is a big decision. Im not very hand with tools is my problem and im lazy so i wanted something that would be simple. My real concern is if the econo grow machine will have enought space to produce say and ounce or two or buds per plants so say maybee 10 -12 ounces hoopefully. Could this be done easily in the machine. I might try and build my own if you guys think this thing is a rip off. i got an indoor mix of emery seeds at a buddys im ready to start experimenting with. Some one help me because i am bored stoned and ready to get growing.
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    That system looks like a ripoff for the $1000 you say it costs. You could build it for $500 or less, no problem. Probably far less. Look around on this board to learn how to build hydro setups and stealth grow cabs.

    As for how much to expect off the grow, don't expect anything off the first one or two grows. Chances are you'll get a little, but there's also a reasonable chance that you'll mess it up while learning how to grow the plants. I figure, the lower your expectations, the less chance you have of being disappointed. :D
  6. smoke me smoke me

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    Im looking for an easy turnkey system that is affordable that i know for sure has no oder. Can anyone suggest one that i could purchase. I know they are pricey but if i got a decent yeilds i would save cash from buying from so many duck people around here charging on the high and being sketchy. Thanks for the help so far also any suggestions are always greatly appreciated.
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    From what I remember reading on overgrow, most people trashed alot of those turnkey systems for one reason or another. I think it was the bc bloom box ESPECIALLY. From what I gather, these "turn key systems" have flaws from wiring to light leaks. I dont know though because I didnt buy one, I built my own. Lets just say i never ran across anyone posting anything positive in regards to them.

    But honestly man, if your gonna spend $1000, do a month or two research before you do anything man... For $1000... all im sayin is I could build one HELL of a cab! Definatly better than anything you can buy lol. Completely customized too and exactly how I want it.

    I guess as one final thought, dont think just cuz its a "turn key" system its gonna be sit back and relax throw a couple seeds in there and in 3 mos you've got some ganja. Your gonna fuck up. Especially if your growing in a DWC hydro setup your first time. Not only do you need to learn the plant... you need to learn water changes every two weeks... ph, ec, ppm, correct ratios of nutes, etc. And honestly, the plant itself gets bigger than I think you expect. Theres no way in hell you'll get 6 plants in that cabinet w/ that setup unless they're clones in a SoG forced to flower early.
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  8. smoke me smoke me

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  9. mountainman

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    Flourescent lights aren't gonna give you very good yield. build build build!
  10. krustythfreakinclown

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    Get a Mill's Pride C13 Cabinet from Home Depot and stick a 400W or 250W light in there. It costs $99. Drill 4 2" holes in the bottom for ventilation and one 4" hole in the top for exhaust. Also, drill one 3" hole in the bottom to run your wires. Take 2 black 2" 90-degree pvc plumbing connectors for each hole, and make a light trap. Attach these underneath the cabinet to the holes.

    Stick a cheet of 3/8" or 1/2" plywood on the back for support, and hang your light and fan.

    You can also get a C22 for more room.

    Mill's Pride may have discontinued making the C13 and C22, but you should be able to find something. Some great places to look for cabinets which you can convert are:
    -Home Depot
    -Ikea (really! I've seen several cabinets from Ikea that have been converted).
    -Crate and Barrel, possibly
    -Any discount furniture store, really

    Good luck!
  11. smokin dope

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    ive grown with soil, but i have 1300.00 to spend and am going to just get one of these turnkeys, ive looked into it, talked to the tech supports, learned alot and am just gonna buy one so ill let ya know how it goes with a post in this once i start it, and you can see. i know there spendy, but hey i want something i can turn on and grow, i have knowledge of growing, and know theres alot of extra baggage with keeping up the crop but i just want to do hydrop and be simple about it as possible. im going with a 8 plant hydro system, with co2 and a 2 200watt hps . i am going with 8 plants of fermized seeds (4 nycd and 4 cage) from the hemp depot. so wish me luck, im hoping to get 6 ounces per plant of nice hydro nycdc!!!!!!
  12. smokin dope

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    you are right, alot of people dont realzie hydro growing requires alot of work......but ya these kits are made for the SoG growing, they say if you do not want to grow like that they reccomend to gently bend the plants to grow a more horrizantal to make the plant bush more instead of grow to an extreme height, but they do offer bigger kits.

    i know alot of tradional growers hate on this product and ones like it, but bascially its great for the newbie grower with money, isnt that hard to check ph, change waters, watch the palnt and add nutrients, as the nutrients are also included as well as complete tech support. also pretty large yeilds
  13. krustythfreakinclown

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    Whatever your decision, good luck!

    Please post a log of your grow with the box. We'd all be very interested to see the results.
  14. Ms.W

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    Turn-key systems

    Whatever you do - don't buy from Sunlight Sheds - they offer confusing assembly and growing instructions and do not make customer service a priority! They will sell it to you and then you are on your own!

    They piss-off alot of folks!
  15. keeko

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    smoken dope, let me know how that goes because i was in the same position as you are, and are very interested in seeing how the grow goes
  16. BobMarley5190

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    A good deal

    I was pretty skeptical as well. I didn't hear good things about the BC Northernlights units or the Quickgrow. I was ready to build my own. But a friend of mine surprised the hell out of me when he bought their Medium grow chamber. The build quality is super solid, and the specs on the unit are kick ass. So, I thought what the hell. I called in at like 3 am and spoke to a sales rep. He answered all my questions, and was no bullshit. I called back the next day and placed an order for their Mini grow box. To my surprise it was built by the following day, and shipped out the same day they received my payment! Less than a week from build to delivery, and I even got to customize my box w/ specific lights and grow sites. They even included free General Hydroponics nutrients! Overall their customer service is kick ass, and their units are solid! I know it would be cheaper to build on my own, but the final product wouldn't be half as good. Needless to say, 3 1/2 weeks and my ladies are luving it!!
  17. BobMarley5190

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    Grow Thread?

    Anyone want to start a grow thread w/ one of these units?
  18. KillerDemo

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    i also would like to kno if anybody has grown with these.
  19. BobMarley5190

    BobMarley5190 Registered

    I have purchased a few units from Homegrown Hydroponics. They have good products and customer support.
  20. fosomker

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    I am a newbie that is on his first run with a system I built myself. I just did a little research. I did buy the better items because I had planned on buying a sunlight shed, but feedback was bad. I could have done it cheaper but I was ready to start ASAP so I just bought what I needed.

    I bought a cabinet for 99$ at HD
    vent fans and ducting HD
    400W light setup with bulbs (2 bulbs MH/HPS)
    Water farm kit (comes with a lot of what you would need)
    Air pump and Air stones - Petco
    Dehumidifer -Sears
    osc. Fan -HD
    temp\humd gauges
    A\C unit (cabinets get hot) 99$ HD
    PH\EC\Temp meter for res (these get pricy, but make easy)
    Nutes and PH control(just read label and slowing increase, keep plant happy, dont overdo)
    CO2 (I have a 40lb bottle on relay) Bottle was free becuase I had a few around, CO2 regulator kit is $150, filling bottle is ~$30
    Carbon filter
    Clay balls
    Power strip or timer tree

    My system is working really well. I have a short plant, though I think it is the strain. I have a 48"x18" that is 72" tall. Currently my main plant (the only one I have hope in) is 11" tallx 18" wide one way and 26" wide the other. I have a second small plant that is turning around, but with the main plant I already have 60% screen coverage. I just started flowering and I have not had a yield yet, but it sure has been pretty easy getting to this point. I had no instructions, just read a few books and bought some parts.

    Pics details
    The pics of the cabinet showing a\c and filter are 12 days apart. What is cut off in the pic is my venting, which I have two cheap 8" fans and in the bottom behind the mylar are two vents for fresh air




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