Bc bloom box or other machines in hightimes

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by smoke me smoke me, Mar 26, 2006.

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    IMHO for what it's worth...
    Those things are built for the shady purpose of putting them in someone else's house, locking them so that the 'host' can't access the plants, and walking away... and letting the 'host' take the fall for you if there's a bust.

    If you are growing as a legit PU or Med user, you're best off to build something yourself, or convert a closet or spare room.

    Is the BloomBox a GREAT product and well built? Yup. Does it do what it is built for? Hells yeah. But consider what it is built for- THAT'S what the big price tag is all about.

    Just my two cents on the matter...
  2. BongHitBoy420

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    No way?!?!?!?!?!? They're to grow "fresh organic herbs." Add says so!!! ;):D;) I betcha if you emailed them and asked them yourself thats what they'd tell you :cool:

    ... because we all need lock & key high tech hydroponic systems w/ carbon scrubbers and lcd enviromental controls w/ co2 and scrog screens to grow out tomatoes or carrots. :thumbsup:
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    damm thats a hot garden U have there. nice work.
  4. Senior

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    Look guys I'm not going to blow smoke and pretend to be someone I'm not here. I work for BCNL. That said I think a lot of you are being really harsh and unfair in passing judgment on our products.

    First off the prices we charge reflect the products we sell. We are the only company on the market that actually builds grow specific cabinets. Unlike the all the cheap knock offs we actually manufacture these out of aluminum. Aluminum will never rust and is easy to clean. Everyone else is taking a tool shed or filling cabinet and shoving a light in it. Our cabinets meet CSA standards and are 100% safe to operate. I know that you all have the best intentions when you suggest people DIY these things, but it can be very dangerous. Do some research and you'll see how many fires are caused by amateur growers using shady wiring for their lights. Also we offer full customer support 16 hours a day 7 days a week. We are here to address any issue our customers have with the box or their plants.

    In short we offer support, safety, and security.
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  5. cyberpepper

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    I just ordered a bloombox from these people and I should be getting it this week. I researched all the units I could, and found this to fit all my needs. I made several calls to them and they had all the answers I needed. They are great to deal with, and I am sure they will be there to help on the phone if I need it.
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    I bought a system off ebay called "hygro" or something. Was a big mistake. I basically paid $450+ for a cabinet with a flourex light and an exhaust fan. The box came with literally no light proofing, no carbon filter, no intake holes/fans. Anyway, I have since modified it, but the moral of the story is - dont get taken.
  7. stinkyattic

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    Oooh ouch man. I've seen a couple of those knockoff style cabs and know what you're talking about. Glad you made it work out though. If it's not lightproof, it isn't a cannabis grow enclosure, end of story. You should leave negative feedback for the vendor if he was even hinting that it was for growing herb, for false advertising.

    For all the price tag, the BloomBox and their other stuff is very well built and if you get a pre-fab at all, that's the one.

    I have a funny suggestion for the BloomBox or Producer.
    Take it to an auto body shop and have it sprayed red.
    Slap some Snap-On decals and redneck stickers on it.
    Stuff it in the corner of your workshop under a pile of greasy sweatshirts and empty Budweisers.
    Dent it up a little.
    Get some greasy fingerprints on the handles.
    Looks EXACTLY like a big tool-chest.
    Your buddies will think you sold your soul to the Snap-On guy but that gives even more reason that the thing is always LOCKED lol.
  8. bombdiggity

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    yeah the title was "hydroponic stealth grow cabinet". "Hydroponic" apparently means an autowatering system. And "stealth" apparently means bright light shining out everywhere.
  9. jacksmith

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    I use a extra bedroom in a 2 story house for my 1 yr old hobby. My home's Air Conditioning Unit could not keep that rooms' ambient temp below 75 in that room. Therefore, I bought a portable AC. BCNL, in their pdf documentation, talk of ambient temp requirements. The attic sounds like it would be too costly to control.
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