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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by GoldenBoy812, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. GoldenBoy812

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    Simple question that i have not been able to search with authoritative accuracy. Do you need to have BC boost with both the grow and bloom nute solution? Also, with a water source that has a TDS reading of 005, should CalMag plus be added? Ill be at my residence in California for the summer, and i want to have all the products needed for a grow ready when i get there.

    Note: this will be for an auto flowering strain for the first run.
  2. LOC NAR on probation

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    Not sure about the BC boost, I have not used it. With that low a water you are lucky and yes you need the calmag plus. Or maybr you don't need the calmag ?

    Technaflora introduces a way to have a superior hydroponics crop in two simple steps. Use B.C. Grow (1-3-6), B.C. Boost (3-0-2), and B.C. Bloom (1-4-7) in the tested and proven mixing ratios printed on every label for optimal growth and maximum yield. Unlike some other three-part nutrients, B.C. Nutrients are easy to mix and control because you use just two parts (Grow and Boost or Bloom and Boost) during any growth stage.

    Both Grow and Bloom are fully balanced formulas containing all the essential elements and micronutrients, while Boost contains mineral supplements to boost plant development in any stage. B.C. formulas are pH balanced, reducing need for pH adjustments. With B.C. Hydroponics Nutrients there are no secrets, and no guessing!

    Might check some out next time around.
  3. herbie the love bud

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    Yes, you need to use both boost with bloom and grow. And yes you need cal-mag or Technaflora's MagiCal.

    Their products are ok, I used them for a year or so before deciding to switch back to AN. The sucess in a box kit they have is pretty cool.
  4. GoldenBoy812

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    Not that i would do it, but what would have happened if i didnt have BC boost? I ordered via phone from a shop in Cali, and when i asked what they recommended, the rep/clerk only mentioned grow and bloom. It was after i ordered both and did some more research that i learned of the boost.

    Were they trying to sabotage me?
  5. LOC NAR on probation

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    no you just got a noob on the phone that didn't know enough to read the bottles. If you don't have the boost it will throw the mix off. Boost has most of the nitrogen you need to veg. You will have poor results using just one or the other and by the numbers even toghether it won't make like the lucas formula. If you use BC, boost is a must have.

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