Be Careful with homemade Edibles!!

Discussion in 'Edibles' started by jeng1128, Nov 2, 2014.

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    Hi, so my friend from Cali gave me like 8 of his homemade edibles. I have been waiting on edibles <for so long because our dispensaries don't carry it yet!> So I have NO clue how much is in each one because they're homemade. So right away I eat 2 & a half hour later I ate another quarter of it. About 10 mins later I can feel them kick in. I start laughing for no reason. I'm starting to feel really stoned. So I call him & ask him how much I should eat (i have a pretty high tolerance, not super high but I smoke about 1-2 joints (of really good weed.) So he tells me " cut it into 6 pieces and east one every half hour. I'm like you're joking right?+
    So then I was really high. I was on the verge of being too high (thank god I wasn't.) All of a sudden I got really tired. I ended up going home and passing out @ 8 pm on a Friday. I woke up and it was 1am. I was out that entire time. I had a hair appointment(yesterday) @ 1pm and my aunt just happens to own a hair salon& is my hairdresser!!!! I was still so stoned and could hardly keep my eyes open. I managed to get thru it with a ton of coffee & getting out of there asap!!
    Just a warning: you can always eat more but never less! Also if you plan on taking alot make sure you don't have anything important to do! Does anyone know what a high dose would be??
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    yeah. I'm glad made through it. There's really no harm in trying edibles. I don't make homemade though since I'm not that good when it comes to cooking. I always purchase mine at Marillow where I can choose from great selections :)
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    Yep, you tried some without really knowing the content. Lesson learned.
    Even if you make your own, you need to start out with small amounts.
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    Great story Jennifer! Thank you for sharing it with us! I can imagine how you felt! You were brave and even did what you planned before. We all can learn some much from this story! great story!
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    You can trip off of cannabis or at least come as close to tripping as possible with cannabis medibles. More than once I rode the sofa for dear life while thinking,"ooops,I put too much in again",lol!!!
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    (Late Edit) You can trip off of or at least come as close to tripping as possible with cannabis medibles...
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    i have a disclaimer that I give out with my butter with specific instructions to try a small piece and give it 2... yes, TWO hours for full effect. It's difficult because every batch is different.
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    I am now going to dedicate a plant to edibles. Never tried, but sounds awesome!!
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    Been looking for an opening date, etc. ... Am now thinking a new strain?

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