beaumont area?

Discussion in 'Texas (TX)' started by justlikejeezy, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. justlikejeezy

    justlikejeezy Registered

    yea i just moved here to beaumont whats up
  2. CDY

    CDY Registered

    Hey sup, I just moved here too. Have you found any cool places to go?
  3. justlikejeezy

    justlikejeezy Registered

    no i havent found shit what about you? where abouts in beaumont do you live?
  4. CDY

    CDY Registered

    West side of town on Dowlen. Yeah, Sunrise records is the only cool place i've found it's just a headshop on 11th. There is just not much happening is this town..
  5. axeslinger

    axeslinger Registered

    Southeast Texas

    Im new to this forum....I live in Lumberton (right next to Beaumont). Get in touch with me if you guys ever wanna smoke out. Me and a friend were really baked yesterday and began talking about maybe starting some type of pot club to organize the masses here. I know a lot of people here smoke and would join the cause... maybe we could make enough noise to decriminalize it a bit here. Southeast Texas is so closed minded.:smokin:
  6. masterjb2000

    masterjb2000 Registered

    pinehurst here looking for a place that sells bathing salts any help apperciated

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