Been 50 days will i pee clean?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by abdwerks, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. abdwerks

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    i havent smoke weed for 50 days im gonna test next week i think. i was a HEAVY cush smoker im 6'1 190 male. so will i pee clean or dirty? i read up to 3 months it stays in your system but then i also read only 30 days..
  2. big weedo

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    you are 100% clean if you havent smoked in 50 days mate im a heavy smoker and i have had to do a good few different types of tests in the past it takes 28 days for the average body of a heavy smoker to be clean try a test from the chemist to be sure but from my exp youre all good pal 100%:thumbsup:
  3. Deige

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    This may be the case for you but its not always the same for someone else. Ive seen people take well over 100 days to get clean. "Average" means very little in the drug testing world and relying on guess's can leave someone in the unemployment line or worse jail.

    Abdwerks, go and pick yourself up a home test kit and test yourself using the first void of the day when THCA concentrations are at their highest. If you can pass the home test you'll be fine to pass your scheduled UA.
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  4. Burnt Toast

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    Exactly. A persons cleanout time cannot be based upon another persons cleanout time. Each persons body is different and there are too many variables to take into consideration to arrive at guesstimation. Only periodic testing with a THC test kit (using the first urination of the day each time) can give you a realistic answer.
  5. abdwerks

    abdwerks Registered

    f**k i pissed dirty i took a home check and there was no line! f**K!
  6. Burnt Toast

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    With your scheduled U/A approaching, you have two options to consider at this point:

    - Substitute with a clean persons sample or synthetic sample. Read the Substitution 'sticky' thread for tips on hiding, etc.

    - Diluting...Read up on the Dilution "sticky" thread for steps (disregard the Aspirin step). Be sure to avoid fat-burning activities for at least 3 days before the scheduled U/A.
  7. jimmbrew

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    I had an employment pre screening and I was really Dirty, I smoked the day before... and I used Qcarbo Clear with those big ass vitamin pills.. It was cheap cuz it was almost expired so i bought it... anyways I followed the instructions perfectly and Passed...
  8. Deige

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    The copious amounts of water that the Q-garbage had you drink was the reason you passed. It diluted the THCA in your system below test cutoff levels, producing a negative result. You could have acquired the same result by simply pouring out the Q-garbage and filling the bottle with plain old tap water.
  9. jimmbrew

    jimmbrew Registered

    well thats what I tried my first test ... results came up negative/Dilute, so I read up the drinks just hide the fact that your diluting.. They gave me a retest.. and I passed with it. isnt that a quick way for a person to pass who dosent know a whole lot about this?
  10. jimmbrew

    jimmbrew Registered

    it only had me drink two 20 oz. glass of water that was it also..
  11. Deige

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    It's a quick way, but a very ineffective way. The Creatine that these drinks contain is absolutely useless. Creatine must be loaded 2-3 days in advance in order for it to metabolize into Creatinine. This is one of three validity checks they do to see if your diluted. The other two are color(vitamin B2 remedies this), and specific gravity(substitute Gatorade for water). The dilution process is not something that is completely effective at the last minute. Yes... It worked for you, but who is to say it will for someone else. That's why I'm so persistent about factual information in the drug testing forum. Your recommendation of Q-Carbo here could land someone in the unemployment or worse jail and I won't let that happen.
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  12. Burnt Toast

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    If what youve just said is true, then you wouldve came up negative/diluted on that same test that very instant using the magic detox potion as well.

    If you read up on all those claims of the sales pitches and take them at face value, then Ive got some oceanfront property in South Dakota that is for sale. :rolleyes:
    Anybody with a background in human biology/physiology would understand that it takes 2-3 days for the body to metabolize creatine into creatinine in order for it to be present in urine. Therefore, as Deige pointed out, the creatine ingredient in your beloved magic potion will do you no good when the product is consumed on the day of the U/A (in which youre required by the directions to do).

    If your story is indeed true, then the test youve passed was a basic drug panel assay with no integrity checks included - a less and less common thing these days. You wouldve passed that same test using just water....which is no less quicker and far more cheaper than that bottle of snake oil.
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  13. webdox

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    As already pointed out, if you came up negative/dilute you would have come up negative/dilute with Qcrapbo considering the irrefutable fact that you must load creatine for 2-3 days prior to your UA in order to NOT come up negative/dilute.

    In short...

    not buying Qcrapbo or any similar snake oil ever if I want to actually PASS the test :)
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  14. jimmbrew

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    your telling me that detox drink didnt help with any of the Validity checks? well I know that there was Riboflavin (B2) that came out in the pee so im sure that didnt hurt. I think that there is more to be said and understood about this whole situation. Its obvious your to quick to Put down something that works for some people. Ofcourse Any Other Way to try to beat a test might not work for the next person either. The only sure shot way is to STOP SMOKING. so any method no matter how smart you think you are may not work for the next person... and there was something different about my Urine, from the first test to the next. thats the most Obvious out of anything im saying,cuz I had a Negative Dilute the first test, and PASSED the second. if you should say something back to this thread, make sure its worth something or something I dont already know! I know the dilution debate and how the THC metabolites dont leave your system, I know the drinks are expensive, but I think your all to quick to shoot down a method that COULD work. What can you say Burnt Toast or Diege that I just got lucky the second time? I even SMOKED in between tests! thats not helping my Luck situation is it? The drink Diluted my Urine, and it also did HIDE the fact that I diluted too, dosent matter what you two say, with respect.
  15. Burnt Toast

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    Sounds like youre bothered that the knowledgable members of the forum are willing to reveal that detox products are nothing but a big scam to capitalize on the so-called "war on drugs" by preying upon the uninformed and credulous, and taking their cash. Why does revealing these scams bother you? A person should not be bothered by this....unless perhaps s/he makes a living shilling for the manufacturer of these products.

    Oh, please :rolleyes:. You only make this claim based on what youve read up on (as you stated you did in post #9).
    The scamming detox industry predicates itself on sales pitches filled with bogus claims and misinformation, and obviously youve fell for it like a five year old child - hook, line, and sinker.

    Mighty intelligent folk they have in those parts? You betcha..:rolleyes:
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  16. Deige

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    Exactly, you emphasized the word COULD. The fact of the matter is that the dilution method is far more effective given its creatine process. That part of the process is the most important because the creatine needs time to metabolize. Therefore, the creatine that these detox products contain is useless, leaving you subject to a negative dilute test result.

    Yes, the liquid in the drink diluted the THCA content in your urine below test cutoff levels. You could have accomplished the same thing with water.

    You have absolutely no proof of this... You probably ate enough red meat in the last 3-4 days to keep your creatine level up.
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