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    I was watching the history channel today on the processes involved in making beer. The show stated that hops were a relative of cannibis and this got me to think: Can you replace the hops in beer with high grade marijana for beer that can get you stoned and buzzed?
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    yes.. its called "bud beer"
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    Wtf? i doubt it. . .
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    yes, in germany alot of beer is full of thc, its an amazing high i hear
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    lol, theyre obviously not going to make guides like that, but in other countries they have it
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    that is a real book for sale on check out the link
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    Have you ever wondered about marijuana beer? What would it be like to drink some marijuana beer? In this story we explain how to make your own marijuana beer and its really easy. All you need is a micro brewery home kit, water, and an ounce of marijuana. The rest is up to nature's process of fermentation and your patience. There are Hemp Beers and Ales available in the U.S. but these are no THC alcoholic beverages. Hemp is hemp, but if it's legal where you live you can make your own homebrew complete with a THC kick. The subject for this story came from one of our Canadian readers and we merely filled in some more details about brewing beer. Do not do this where it is illegal to do so and this is offered as an educational story about the home brew. We do not advocate doing this if its illegal where you are. You're on your own. Read on ...

    Buying the brew kit

    There are many kits marketed for brewing beer at home. These can be found on the net, or look in the yellow pages when you visit a larger city. These kits are simple and contain the malt-hops mix which is like dark, sticky molasses. There are two other packages one is brewer's yeast and the other is a sugar compound. Brewer's yeast is a fine white powder and looks like fluff cocaine or kitchen flour. Buy a kit that comes with bottles. Some outlets can set you up with small quantities of bottles and they will happily put a kit together for you from their larger supplies. A kit we saw a few years ago at Costco was the San Francisco Home Micro Brewery kit. We will use this kit as an example of how easy your home brew instructions are to follow since we are familiar with this kit. This kit had the contents mentioned above and contained six amber plastic 2 liter bottles with locking caps. We checked on the net and couldn't find this company. I hope they are still in business, however, many other kits are available.

    Preparing the marijuana

    Place five quarts of good water into a large pot and put it on the stove to boil. We'll get back to this as it takes a while to come to a boil. Preparing the marijuana is also easy so you don't have to be a master chef to get this part right. Get your oz. and a blade cutting puree or blender appliance. Get the stems out of your pot. In fact, the fine shake or powder at the bottom of your stash is perfect for this. Save this up over time and use it for your home brew. The trimmed ends off your frosty buds is perfect for this too. Make sure this is fairly dry so it will cut otherwise you may be scraping hashish out of the appliance. Heaven forbid if this happens. Anyway, cut up the marijuana until it has the consistency of cooking flour. It will be totally ground up into a fine powder. If any small stems that were missed are seen pull them out and stick with the marijuana keif or flour. To be official you may decide to use a flour sifter to get any chunks out of your powder. You want this fine powder to dissolve into your beer.

    Making the beer - boiling water - mixing the contents

    Take the malt pouch (remember molasses) and microwave it according to the kit instructions. Cut a corner off the plastic package and pour about two inches into a coffee mug. Spoon or pour about an inch of your marijuana dust on top of the malt and mix with a spoon. Microwave for about 25 seconds and repeat this process by adding more keif. You want the sticky malt in your mug to be saturated with this keif powder. Each mug is microwaved for about 25 seconds and poured into the brew bag as you complete the saturation of the mixture. The mixture won't pour if it's cold. Do this again and again until your oz. is gone. This may take about four or five tries. Then microwave the bigger malt bag one last time. Make sure the cut corner is elevated and sealed so the malt doesn't mess up your microwave. Slowly pour the sticky malt liquid into your brew bag. A funnel helps and we recommend that a funnel be purchased beforehand. That brew bag hole is small but you might get lucky and get the sticky liquid in without a funnel, but it's a whole lot harder.

    Next check your water on the stove. Is it boiling yet? If so take it off the stove and turn the stove off. If not it should be close to boiling. Let this cool for about five minutes so you don't mess up or melt the brew bag when you pour this in. However it still should be hot enough to melt the malt, hops and marijuana syrup already in the brew bag. Screw the pressure cap onto the bag and massage the malt mixture into the warm water. Shake it up and massage, repeating this for about one minute. Then take the cap off and put in about six liters of cool or lukewarm water. Six liters is about one and nine sixteenths gallons, but do yourself a favor and get a measuring cup that measures liters. Leave the future marijuana beer liquid level about two inches below the fill cap. This will bloat as it ferments and this little room may be too little room, check the directions for your kit. Some of this homebrew CO2 gas actually explodes if pressure isn't released. Same with the bottles. Always follow the directions in the brew kit. Wait till the mix cools down and re-cap the brew bag. Massage it some more and shake it up to mix this up. Then uncap the bag and add in the brewer's yeast powder. Recap the bag and mix one last time. Then hang the bag for a week or so according to the directions. This entire beer making venture, without the waiting time, has taken you about 15 minutes. If you didn't boil the water first you had a lot of waiting time.

    When the time is right you bleed the CO2 gas out of the bag. This is burping the baby. All you do is release the pressure and, when safe, take the cap off. This may take five minutes or so as you're making a small batch of beer. You don't move the bag and haven't moved the bag for the past week, because if you move the bag you will disturb the sediment and have cloudy beer. Then you add in the special sugar. Wait the short time the directions say and from the lower pouring spout fill up your beer bottles with your home brew. Fill about two inches from the top and if its foamy, let the foam calm down. Cap the bottles and do not fill any bottles from the bottom of the bag, which is below the pour spout. Pour the unmixed contents out of the bottom of the brew bag and clean it out for the next batch of beer. Let the bottles set for about a week and then chill a few brews. After twelve hours or so of chilling try some of your own brew. Nothing will ever be like it and you have the satisfaction of making your own recipe beer. Try different amounts and methods until you become an expert brewmaster. Who knows, you may even get high. We don't know as we heard about this from our Canadian reader. He claimed to get high from his home brew while getting rid of cotton mouth. Your kit instructions may vary, so don't listen to us, follow those specific directions. It's your responsibility to brew safely and legally. Have fun and let us know how your brew came out.
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    did u know that if u save your stems up, once u have enough u cld soak them in vodka or rum or any hard alcohol and the alcohol will extract the thc from the stems and everything else and u have weed alcohol, or u cld just use bud but i wldnt

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