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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by titan1744, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. titan1744

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    Yo everyone whats goin on, Im about start my first grow and I have 4 seeds germinating right now.

    Im not really sure where to go after germination, Ive read up on websites for about a week and have found a billion different answers, some people say put 4 seeds in a pot, others one pot one seed, I am not sure what to do here.

    also, what is the ratio of male to female, like with 4 seeds, do I have a chance for at least one female?

    I have also read mixed information about lighting, I was able to purchase a 65 watt grolight (that I found at home depot) I would have like to add more wattage but the lamp it is in runs risk of fire over 65 (dont want my house burnin down for this.) Do these gro-lights work? or is it just flourecents?

    I am growing in my closet with the walls painted white and tin foil to reflect the light towards the pot.

    Let me know some suggestions as well, I really want this to work, being a surfer, I need my daily 8th blunt! :Rasta:
  2. psycho

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    one seed one pot.
  3. hudson88

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    Yeah one seed in one pot is best then you don't have to worry about roots getting tangled. A general rule is half will be female and half will be male, but i usually get a slightly better ratio, maybe 65/35. Sorry can't help with your lighting question, i've not heard of the light you've got.

  4. donkeypunch95

    donkeypunch95 Registered

    is it a sylvania spot-grow? If so its pretty much useless. I started my first seedlings with a 120w spot grow and they stretched bad. Those are just incandescent blubs painted to kinda look floruescent.
  5. titan1744

    titan1744 Registered+

    what bulbs would you guys recommend for a lamp that can hold only a 65 wat bulb? a flourescent bulb? I heard phillips r good not sure tho
  6. titan1744

    titan1744 Registered+

    i also saw a sylvania 65 watt flourescent on loews website and i heard sylvania flourescents were good, i dont know what to get
  7. titan1744

    titan1744 Registered+

    and bulb thats in now is a phillips 60 watt agro lite
  8. donkeypunch95

    donkeypunch95 Registered

    get some cfls (compact floruescent). its the lights that look like spirals. walmart has 26w cfls in the "daylight" color, 6500k. everyone has been saying thats the best for growing your plants until its time to start budding them. they dont put off anymore heat than a regular 60w bulb.
  9. titan1744

    titan1744 Registered+

    thanks, the sylvania bulb i found at loews is a compact flourescent, thanks donkey :stoned:
  10. titan1744

    titan1744 Registered+

    no pun intended :thumbsup:
  11. titan1744

    titan1744 Registered+

    what about soil? I heard peat moss is really good anyone know?

    sorry for all the questions, im just excited to get this done haha
  12. Titus Titan

    Titus Titan Registered

    i would say scrap the lights and get a 125w envirolite (blue) you can get them on the internet for 20 pounds i don't know what that is in $ i think about 35$ and fitting 10$ do some research on them and tell me what you think.
  13. Titus Titan

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    p.s you stole my name arrrr!

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