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    Hi Barel
    Thank you for all this information, very in depth, you have some great knowledge.
    I have been very lucky in meeting a local the other day who has helped out *wink*
    Have sorted out enough to get by for a while, he has also informed me about the grow shop in the town (in the old town top of the high street ) so going to go and get some seeds from them tomorrow, autoflowering is the way forward I think.

    Again thanks for all your help
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    Of course mate, no problem.
    If you want a good grow shop in Benidorm try also "Los 5 Sentidos Grow Shop & Tattoo", which is a very cool grow shop.



    It's located on Calle Santander in Benidorm. As you can see they have many fertilizers, auto growers, pots, paraphernalia, bongs, etc and you can also buy from a big sort of seeds.
    I just visitted this place one time with a friend to buy paper tips but it was a very cool place.

    If you want the fastest seeds ask them for 30-35 days feminized autoflowering seeds and ask them for a good sustratum and fertilizer. It's good if you put an extra chemical on it, just a bit from the subtle ones (like they grow it in Amsterdam), it will maximize the taste and growing time of the plant. In just 1 month from the seedling, so if you want go directly tomorrow haha =)) I recommend a very potent strain very well known in Spain which can't be found in Amsterdam for example, but yes on the US and Canada. This strain is Matanuska Tundra. I also recommend you Ed Rosenthal, the THC is about 20-22% and it's a very powerful and tasty taste. The Himalaya is also a very powerful strain, with a lot of mental high and also it's a pain stopper.

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    Found the shop in Calpe, unfortunately it's closed this week (21-28 August) very discreet shop front greyed out windows similar to an adult shop in the UK here is the website for them, in case it can be of help to someone
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    Bonjour je suis actuellement à benidorm playa poniente. Je recherche du cannabis. Pourrais-tu m'indiquer où en trouver ?
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    Hello barel.Know kept silent or I can find a few cannabises in benidorm towards playa poniente? I am on holidays another one week. Thanks to you.
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    Hello I am at present in benidorm playa poniente. I look for of the cannabis. Could you indicate me where to find there?
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    Hey barrel I'm going to Alicante tomorrow is there and Csc's around there ??
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    Yes, what's we call in Spain "grow shops" they are like the head shops from Germany, they sell 100% legal stuff and also lots of seeds, as it's totally legal in Spain to acquire or to sell cannabis seeds.

    Sorry friend I'm not from Benidorm, the Cannabis Social Clubs are closed and selling weed is not legal, I can say something which all people says: just ask young people, if you're sympathic to them they will probably pass you their joints.
    I don't support any illegal activity, be careful with dealers. That's all I can say, have luck finding it! The best way to smoke in Spainabbis is to grow :)

    It seems that it is :)

    It's also one in Altea:

    But I don't know if they are still opened or not. Anyways half of more of people aged 18-22 smoke weed or hash in Alicante, you will probably notice smells of joints in the main streets and the parks. Regards!
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    I'm in xabia not Alicante is there anywhere round here I can go too?
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    Search for it bro, it's Spain, better even it's the valencian coast where half of more than youngsters smoke!
    Just ask people, go to the beach promenade from Javea and ask the people , you can also ask in foreign bars, pubs, etc

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    Hey mate how are you doing. Just wondering if you have any new advice on costa bLanca coffee shops. Is it easy to join alacannabis club and would they sell to you on the day once you join? Just trying to avoid being ripped off by the youngsters etc and a club seems the best route as I am moving to Spain this week and need a constant source of Meds. I'm flying in to alicante and will be living in pego but I have no issue travelling to source help. Thank you in advance mate. Happy toking
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    Ask youngsters in parks and squares (18-25 years old, specially those ones with rastas or "punkie" looking), they will surely help you out because in Pego more than half of youngsters blow weed.

    Anyways, in Pego the weed is not very powerful and it's usually outdoor grown, it's a bit more expensive than in the nearby. For the 1st time they probably will try to rip a bit off you, but like in all the parts of the world you can negotiate it.

    I don't know who has weed or sells weed in Pego, but I got there for a couple of times and I went down a big avenue smoking and no one was looking bad or something at me, even elder people. And I've seen youngsters smoking it.

    Anyways like I said before in this thread, the best way in Spain is to go to one of the thousands of head/seed shops where you can buy seeds, growers, fertilizers, lamps, paraphernalia, etc. There are available feminized autogrowing powerful seeds which can grow in 30-35 days with a good lamp (not needed to be powerful at all).

    There is a loophole in the Spanish laws, in theory growing up to 2 plants is legal if they can't be seen from the exterior of the house. Up to 2 plants is not a crime or something like that, it's just an administrative offence (fine).

    With the climate of this zone you can practically plant on the exterior all year round, normally at least from March to December daylight maximum temperatures in 97% of the days from March to December are above 20ºC. But with a lamp they will grow faster.

    There are no social clubs in the nearby, at least by now. There are probably some, but I don't know the way to discover them. All of the social clubs which made a bit of "noise" or they were advised on the Internet are closed by now. Barcelona, Madrid, or other cities have different laws.

    In addition, I would like to say that paraphernalia is totally legal in Spain in all of it's ways. I know that in most of Western countries the paraphernalia is also illegal, like in Germany, France or the US, but in Spain it's not. You can be with all the rolling papers you want, with filter tips, with grinders, with clipper lighters decorated with weed leaves, you can have pipes, etc (obviously the pipes or the grinders have to be empty, but if they have weed traces is no problem, or at least I never had problems with that) and you can also be with weed painted t-shirts or clothes, but the police will put faster the eye on you if you have a weed t-shirt instead of a normal t-shirt. That's obvious hahaha.

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