Benzene and metals urinalysis for anual company physical. Real or synthetic urine?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by bigbolt007, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Hello all, I have annual company physical coming up next week. I have used quick fix successfully for a few years to pass drug tests. But this year they have switched our benzene and heavy metals testing to a urinalysis instead of blood test. The drug test will be given at a seperate time supposedly. Should I use qf for these other tests or just give them my urine? Can they legally look for drugs if its not an actual drug u.a. I definetly can't get my urine clean in time. Does anybody know about benzene and heavy metal urinalysis for industrial workers? Please help
  2. bigbolt007

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    I guess a better way to put it is, will synthetic urine be detected in a general urinalysis? Am I going to get busted if I give a synthetic urine sample and they test it for kidney function, benzene exposure and heavy metals? This is a new facility they are sending us to for our physicals and I am just a little nervous about the benzene testing being a urine test now instead of blood.
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    Sorry, but the focus of this forum is using synthetic to pass a drug test and validity checks for creatinine, pH, specific gravity, and excessive nitrites; all of which are within the scope of drug testing.

    Any discussions of other testing thats not within the scope of drug testing is off-topic and frowned upon by the forum PTB.

    Has your company recieved authorization from you to conduct drug tests? If so, then THC is the drug youre worried about, is that correct?
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    Yes, THC is the only concern. Sorry about posting off the topic I will try and find the appropriate forum. I have substituted with QF succesfully for the last three years. Just wondering how 'real' is synthetic urine?


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